Take a stroll through the Redlands Track Park

By Allan Shephard

Nestled between Alexandra Hills in the west, and Cleveland in the east, the Redlands Track Park  is an easily accessible pocket of native conservation land in the heart of our city.  Although the track park is fast developing a reputation as a ‘hidden gem’ for mountain biking, its gentle gradients and meandering trails make it perfect for a relaxing bushwalk.

Early risers are rewarded with the sun peeking through the eucalypts and glistening on dewy grass and spider webs.  An afternoon visit to the track park brings a different experience as the heat of the day seems to bring the fragrance of the vegetation to life. The smell of the eucalypts, grass and soil really melt away the stress of the day.

For those who prefer to run, the track park has close to 20km of car-free trails and clean air for you to enjoy.  Rumour has it the local trailrunners enjoy some of the bermed corners almost as much as the mountain bikers. You’re also welcome to take your dog for a walk through the track park too.  Please ensure your four-legged friend is on a leash to keep wildlife safe.

With trailhead shelters located at the Clark Street and McDonald Road entrances, meeting friends is easy. The shelters each have a seat, maps, water, horse/dog trough, bike racks/horse hitching rail and a bike repair station.

Take the time for a stroll through the track park. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’re totally immersed in a bushland experience in the suburbs.

Redlands Track Park

Enjoy the sights, sounds and scents while strolling through the Redlands Track Park

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