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Act quickly on concealed water leaks and save money

Council is helping residents save money by sending out courtesy letters to notify people of higher than normal water usage at their property.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams urged residents to take notice of the letters and quickly fix any leaks or plumbing issues by engaging a licensed plumber.

“If you suspect a leak yourself or if you receive a letter advising that you may have a leak, act immediately so you are not paying more than you should be,” said Cr Williams.

“You can do a quick overnight test yourself to check for leaks and then call a licensed plumber to carry out any necessary repairs.”

“If your plumber can confirm the leak was concealed you may be eligible for reimbursement for part of the cost of the estimated water loss.”

Council considers a concealed leak to be a burst pipe either underground, under or within concrete or underneath a building – where the occupant could not reasonably be expected to know of its existence.

After fixing the leak, please send Redland Water:
1. An invoice or report from a licensed plumber to confirm that the concealed leak was repaired
2. A completed Concealed Water Leak application from Redland Water (available from Council’s website www.redland.qld.gov.au)

To do an overnight test for leaks, before going to bed:
1. Turn of all household and garden taps
2. Read and record both black and red numbers on your meter
3. Take into account if a toilet is flushed (approx 9 litres)
4. Read and record the reading first thing in the morning

If any of the numbers have moved, this indicates that you may have a leak and you need to contact a licensed plumber.

For more information contact Redland Water:
Ph: 1300 015 561
Email: redlandwater@redland.qld.gov.au
Web: www.redland.qld.gov.au