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Redlanders encouraged to have their say on blueprint for South East Queensland

Residents are encouraged to be part of South East Queensland’s future by taking part in a State Government engagement opportunity coming to the Redlands on Monday 6 June from 6pm to 7.30pm

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said it was critical Redlanders took part in the Shaping SEQ  program which will help inform a review of the State Government’s South East Queensland Regional Plan.

“The State Government will be reviewing the SEQ Regional Plan and this is an opportunity for residents to share their great ideas on what they want to see included in this review,” she said.

“The proposed SEQ Regional Plan will for the first time include a 50 year strategic vision for the region as well as more detailed provisions until 2041 which will guide many of our local plans, so it is important residents are part of this conversation.

“With city planning being such an important topic in our City, I have no doubt locals will be interested in attending this session which will feature a presentation from New York City’s Project for Public Spaces, Senior Vice President, Ethan Kent.

“Ethan will share his extensive knowledge and experience on place-making and how it can shape South East Queensland’s future.

“The State Government will also be holding a series of information booths over the next six weeks, including at Wellington Point on Sunday 19 June and everyone should stay up to date by visiting Shaping SEQ.

Cr Williams said with the south east corner being one of the fastest growing regions in Australia the Shaping SEQ conversation was vital to balancing this growth with all the things people love about the region.

“According to State Government forecasts there is expected to be an extra 2 million people in SEQ by 2041, with an extra 900,000 more dwellings needed to accommodate these people,” she said.

“Although the Redlands is expected to see only modest growth in the near future compared to our neighbouring cities, there is no doubt the wider South East Queensland landscape will affect us, so we need to be part of this important conversation.

“Following the six-week engagement period the State Government will use the community feedback to inform the review of the South East Queensland Regional Plan.

“Once finalised this plan will provide the blueprint for South East Queensland, helping to plan for projected growth and how it is accommodated both in our City and across the Region. The only way to ensure the Redlands is front of mind is for us to have our say.

“The regional plan review will look at important topics such as the type of housing that will make up our cities in the future, access to employment and proving better access to open space and recreation.”

Cr Williams said she had been lobbying the State Government to ensure residents received the opportunity to have their say on the review of the SEQ Regional Plan.

“I cannot overstate how important this plan is for the future of our region and city.  It not only guides local plans, it also ensures our future needs are identified and on the radar of other levels of government,” she said.

“I wrote to the State Government last year expressing my concern about the current performance based planning approach and the need to better educate the public about planning.

“Deputy Premier Trad responded by acknowledging my concerns and committing to undertaking this education as part of the State Government’s regional plan review.

“I commend the State Government for responding to my requests and encourage all residents to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the regional plan review and the broader planning process in Queensland.

“As a city we cannot sit back and hope the State Government gets it right, we are passionate about our city and we need to use that passion constructively by being part of this conversation.”

Details of Redlands Shaping SEQ engagements:

Thought leadership session:

Monday 6 June
Cleveland Library
Corner Bloomfield and Middle Streets, Cleveland Qld 4163
RSVP here.

Information booth:

Sunday 19 June
Wellington Point Reserve
Come and see the project team between 10 am and 2 pm at the Wellington Point Reserve. Main Road, Wellington Point (Main Pavilion)

About Ethan Kent – Senior Vice President, Project for Public Spaces, New York City

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