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Local laws changes proposed

Council agrees to draft Local laws amendments for public consultation

Residents will have the chance to provide feedback on proposed amendments to 11 local laws, after Council today agreed to proceed with the proposed amended local laws.

Redland City Mayor, Karen Williams said the proposed changes followed requests from the community, with public consultation on the amended local laws expected early next year.

“After a thorough review, Council’s current local laws were all re-drafted based on the State Government’s set of Model Local Laws in July 2015.

“These proposed laws reflect feedback from residents following our major local law review in 2015 and are intended to be flexible and responsive to local requirements and keep pace with changing circumstances.

“The current suggestions for amendments and changes range from keeping an additional dog on acreage to the feeding of native birds.

“Some amendments like removal of RSPCA guidelines are simply administrative in nature and are removing obsolete provisions.

“Other amendments include proposals for managing shopping trolleys, fishing off bridges or culverts and changed parking designation.

Cr Williams said today’s decision meant Council would now proceed to prepare amendments for formal community engagement, with future public feedback to be considered in final decisions on the amended local laws.

“It is important that the community has their say on any of these changes before they are reconsidered by Council,” she said.

“Under the model local law process proposed changes for legal drafting, must be submitted for mandatory State interest checks and anti-competitive checks.

“The Local Law Making Process also requires that the proposed changes then be advertised and placed on public consultation for a minimum of 21 days.

“Council will then review all submissions received and advice on proposed changes before deciding whether to proceed to make, amend or reject the changes to local law.”

“I expect to see the final draft changes put up for public consultation as early as March next year.

“In the meantime, a table of the suggested amendments agreed for drafting will be placed on the local laws page of Council’s website.”

Council adopts new set of Redland Local Laws

Redland City Council has agreed to adopt a new set of local laws following two rounds of stakeholder and public consultation.

The current local laws will remain in force until 1 July 2015 when the new set of Redland City local laws are formally gazette by the government.

Mayor Karen Williams said Council had listened to the wishes of the community and stakeholder groups with a number of proposed law changes revised from earlier drafts.

“We have revised proposals ranging from roadside memorials and parking fines to the denning of dogs at night on acreage properties in koala areas.

“A total of 255 submissions were received over two rounds of consultation from August to November in 2014 (Round 1) and during February in 2015 (Round 2).

“Local laws play an important role in Council’s day-to-day operations by helping set rules and regulations for a range of important activities in the City,” Cr Williams said.

“While these laws are based on the framework of model local laws drafted by the Queensland Government as a guide for all Councils, our new laws were also an opportunity to address specific local issues and red tape.

“Most of the existing local law provisions have been carried over into the new laws but there are also new provisions that are sensible and pragmatic changes to our existing laws.

“This includes allowing Council to enforce the clean-up of unsightly properties, clearer requirements for temporary signs and provisions making it easier to run events.

“The reinstatement of provisions in the Local Law and Subordinate Local Law requiring dog owners, if their property is 2000m2 or more, to tether or confine their dog between sunset and sunrise, has been a direct response to strong community feedback.

“In support of this, Council will begin a review of koala areas to determine the appropriate approach to mapping areas where these provisions apply.

“The realignment of parking infringement penalties with the current Queensland penalty unit of $113.85 will only mean the current $50 Redland City fine for overstaying the limit will rise to $79.70.”

“Other amendments relating to the feeding of birds, keeping of pigs and the riding of horses in public areas have all been drafted to strike a sensible balance between community interests and needs.”

“The law governing riding of horses in public areas is consistent with those applying to dogs in public areas with clear signposting to be provided in parks, reserves and trails to indicate those areas where horses are prohibited.

“A project to clearly map horse friendly areas of the city will also be undertaken by Council.”

Council has reminded permit holders that all permits issued under the current local laws will remain valid until the permit expires or a new application is made after 1 July 2015.

Local laws consultation gets extended

Redland City residents will have more time to have their say on the City’s proposed new local laws after Council voted to extend the public notification period by a month to 5 November.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams asked Council to extend the consultation period beyond the original 8 October deadline to give residents greater opportunity to understand and provide feedback on the current draft local laws.

“This is an important process and we owe it to our residents to get it right. If that means giving them more time to have their say, then that’s what we will do,” she said.

“I’m also concerned that residents don’t fully understand or appreciate the effects of some of the proposed changes, including a proposal to significantly increase parking fines in line with State penalty units.

“In theory linking parking fines to State Government penalties seems to make sense and is line with other councils but, as a local resident, mother and former business owner, I’m not comfortable with this proposed change and I’m sure there will be plenty of residents who share my concerns.

“As yet the submissions we have received do not reflect this assumption, which would suggest residents may not fully understand all proposed changes.”

Cr Williams said the nature of local laws as a legal framework meant they could be quite confusing.

“We need to make sure everyone is aware of this and other significant changes proposed under the current draft local laws and give them time to provide feedback,” she said.

“This extension to the public notification period will allow residents to better understand the proposed changes and for Council officers to review how these changes are being communicated to ensure they are crystal clear.”

Proposed changes to the laws include amending animal management provisions relating to enclosing dogs, keeping birds caged on certain-sized properties and feeding native birds.

Cr Williams said the drafting of the proposed new local laws began in 2013 and community consultation had already been open for eight weeks, rather than the required three.

“This is the first time we have reviewed all of our local laws so we need to get it right. This is not a process we need to rush,” she said.

“I emphasise that none of the proposals have been accepted by Council and we can amend the draft local laws to reflect community feedback. The best way for us to achieve that is for as many people as possible to tell us what they think.
“The draft local laws have been endorsed by the State Government but ultimately it is Council that approves them.

“Before we do I want us to be confident that residents have had every opportunity to have their say.”

For more information visit Council’s website. The local laws consultation phase will now close on 5 November 2014.

Redlands Snapshot – Tuesday 19 August 2014

Doing business with Council

Do you own a business in the Redlands area? Come along to this free information session and find out about procurement and business opportunities with council and tips for submitting tenders and quotes.

When: Thursday 28 August 2014, 10am – 12 noon
Where: Capalaba Place Hall, Capalaba Library, 14 –16 Noeleen Street
RSVP: 3829 8414 or email your name, business name and contact details to Beverley.bancroft@redland.qld.gov.au by 3pm, Wednesday 27 August.


Local law review

Community consultation period now open

Council has completed a review of our local laws. We’ve proposed a set of draft laws to replace our existing ones. They include a number of changes that may interest residents including changes
to animal management, parking and signage. To have your say on any provisions – changed or otherwise – make a submission to Council by 8 October 2014.

Visit www.redland.qld.gov.au/DraftLocalLaws to:

  • view the draft local laws
  • view fact sheets, frequently asked questions and information on the law making process
  • lodge your online submission.

You can also visit our library, customer service centre and shopping centre displays and pick up a submission form to complete and return.


Bloomfield Street Park transformation

Have your say on new park features

Council and State Government have dedicated funds to create an exciting new design for Bloomfield Street Park, located in Cleveland central business district.

We need your help! Let us know what you’d like to see at this popular local park.

Meet us for a chat at the park:

  • Friday 22 and Friday 29 August, 9.30am – 11.30am
  • Saturday 30 August, 9.00am – 12pm

You can also email your ideas on what would make a great park to rcc@redland.qld.gov.au

For more information, phone 3829 8746 or visit www.redland.qld.gov.au


Join us for Dad’s Day Out

Bring Dad along to celebrate Bushcare Major Day Out and enjoy a day of free hands-on activities and bushcare workshops at Redlands IndigiScapes Centre.

When: 10am – 2pm Sunday 7 September 2014
Where: Redlands IndigiScapes Centre, 17 Runnymede Road, Capalaba
Free: Mini workshops, activities, bus tour, entertainment, prizes and meet a live koala

For more information, phone 3824 8611 or visit www.indigiscapes.com.au


Water meter readings

Time to restrain the roses! We are reading water meters in Redland Bay this week. Please make sure our water readers have clear access to your water meter.


Open meetings

General Meeting: Wednesday 20 August 9.30am
General Meeting: Wednesday 3 September 9.30am


Redlands Snapshot: Tuesday 12 August

Local law review

Community consultation period now open

Council has completed a review of our local laws. To have your say on any provisions – changed or otherwise – make a submission to Council by 8 October 2014.

Some changes that may interest you relate to:

  • keeping roadside memorials appropriate and safe
  • clearer requirements for temporary signs
  • making it easier to run events in the City
  • making it easier for Council to direct people to clean
  • up unsightly and overgrown properties
  • feeding native birds in a way that does not cause
  • nuisance to neighbours
  • allowing a miniature pig as a pet
  • aligning parking infringements with State
  • Government penalty criteria
  • controlling dogs on properties sized 2000m2 or more in koala management areas.

Visit our website to:

  • view the draft local laws
  • view fact sheets, frequently asked questions and information on the law making process
  • lodge your online submission

You can also visit our library, customer service centre and shopping centre displays and pick up a submission form to complete and return.

Please see our public notice in the classifieds section of this paper for more information, including the full list of laws reviewed.


Grants and sponsorships

Did you know you may be able to access funding through one of three programs that help support exciting local initiatives?

Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) grants support arts projects with eight categories of funding available. Applications close this Friday 15 August.

Council’s Sponsorship Program supports events and projects that provide measurable benefits to Council and the community. Applications for round one are open until Friday 29 August 2014.

Council’s Community Grants Program offers organisations support, conservation and capital infrastructure funding. Applications for round one are open until Friday 12 September.

To apply visit our website www.redland.qld.gov.au/grants or phone 3829 8912.


Prepare. Act. Survive Day

North Stradbroke Island, 23 August 2014

Come and meet your community emergency services and land management groups and learn about bushfire preparedness and island emergency services. Free sausage sizzle and rides on Flick and Squirt, the mini fire trucks.

When: Saturday 23 August 2014, 9am – 1pm
Venue: Point Lookout Function Centre – East Coast Road, Pt Lookout, North Stradbroke Island

For more information, phone: 3829 8999


Trees for Weeds Day

Straddie and Bay Islands events

Swap a shopping bag of weeds for a free native plant* at five island locations.

When: Saturday 16 August, 8.30am – 10.30am
Where: Point Lookout Bushcare Nursery, Karragarra Island Foreshore Park, Coochiemudlo Island Jetty, Macleay Island Progress Hall, Russell Island Pool Carpark

*limit five plants per person

For more information phone 3824 8611 or  visit the IndigiScapes website.


Water meter readings

Time to shear those sharp shrubs! We are reading water meters in Sheldon and Thornlands this week. Please make sure meter readers have clear access to your water meter.


Open meetings

General meetings: Wednesday 20 August, 9.30am

Snapshot: Tuesday 5 August

Trees for Weeds Day

Swap a shopping bag of weeds for a free native plant* at five island locations.

Straddie and Bay Islands
When: Saturday 16 August, 8.30am – 10.30am
Where: Point Lookout Bushcare Nursery, Karragarra Island Foreshore Park, Coochiemudlo Island Jetty, Macleay Island Progress Hall, Russell Island Pool Carpark

*Limit five plants per person

More information: phone 3824 8611 or visit the IndigiScapes website.


Apply for sponsorship of a grant

Sponsorship Round 1 now open

Council offers sponsorship and community grants across a range of areas.
Sponsorship applications are open until 29 August 2014. Community grant applications funding round one will run 11 August – 12 September 2014.

To apply visit the Redland City Council website or phone 3829 8912.


Mayoral Prayer Breakfast 2014

Friday 29 August 2014

Redlands residents are invited to join community and business leaders for the Redland City Mayoral Prayer Breakfast. All proceeds from ticket sales will go towards local school chaplaincy programs.

To purchase tickets phone RPAC: 3829 8131 or visit the RPAC website.


Free suppliers briefing

Do you own a business in the Redlands area? Come and find out about procurement, business opportunities and tips for submitting tenders and quotes.

When: Thursday 28 August 2014, 10am – 12pm
Where: Capalaba Place Hall, Capalaba Library, 14 – 16 Noeleen St
RSVP: 3829 8414 or email beverley.bancroft@redland.qld.gov.au by 27 August.


Rates notice due soon

Tuesday 12 August 2014

After the due date, interest will accrue at 11% per annum, compound interest calculated on daily balances. A full list of payment options is on the front of your rates notice.

If you didn’t receive your rates notice, have moved address or you would like to discuss your payment options, please phone 3829 8999.


New local laws

Have your say: 13 August – 8 October 2014

Council has completed a review of our local laws. Have your say on any provisions – changed or otherwise – from 13 August to 8 October.

All details will be updated on Council’s website by 13 August. Please note the current web information is not final and can only be used as a guide.


Water meter readings

Time to cut back the carnations! This week we are reading water meters in Cleveland and on Macleay and Lamb islands. Please make sure our meter readers have clear access to your water meter.


Open meetings

General meeting – Wednesday 20 August, 9.30am

Local laws update

Council has proposed to base its local laws on a model developed by the State Government for all Queensland councils.

While expressed in a new format, the draft laws essentially cover Council’s existing laws, with most provisions unchanged. You can view the draft laws on our website.

At this stage, they are still with the State Government for review. We expect to receive this input within the next few weeks after which the laws, with any revisions, will be returned to Council seeking approval to begin the official community engagement process.

Following the consideration of community input, the new local laws are then expected to come back to Council for adoption early in 2015.

To be part of the process you can register your interest online.

It’s a dog’s day: changes to animal management laws adopted

After a period of public consultation, Redland City Council has adopted changes to its animal management local law, that include relaxing dog restrictions in two of the city’s parks.

Dog owners are now permitted to walk their dogs on-leash at W.H. Yeo Park, Victoria Point and at Wellington Point Reserve before 9am and after 4pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

At Wellington Point Reserve, dogs are also allowed on-leash on the sandbar (that is exposed at low tide) between the reserve and King Island during the extended times. However they are still prohibited on the beach area adjacent to W.H Yeo Park (Thompson’s Beach).


Redland City Council spokesperson for animal management Cr Wendy Boglary said that dogs were previously prohibited at all times at W.H. Yeo Park and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays at Wellington Point Reserve.

“This extension of time will be great for busy working people. However being a dog owner comes with responsibility,” Cr Boglary said.

“Dog owners must pick up after their dogs and place their doggie bags in bins. No dogs are to be off- leash and are totally banned from the playground area.

“If all dog owners are responsible, these changes will have little impact on the broader community.”

Cr Boglary said the vast majority of public submissions were in favour of the law change, but quite a number of calls were received from people who mistakenly thought the areas would become dog off-leash areas.

“This is absolutely not so – Council will promote the new arrangements and our compliance officers will use their regular patrols to clarify any confusion with park and reserve users,” Cr Boglary said.

“Of course, signage will be updated and dog faeces bag dispensers will be installed.”

Dog owners across the city are still required to keep their animals on-leash (unless within a designated dog off-leash area), to pick up after their dogs and ensure they are not a nuisance to others.