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Health, tertiary education and jobs are Mayor’s 2013 priorities

Improving Redlanders’ access to health services, tertiary education and jobs are key priorities for Redland City Mayor Karen Williams in 2013.

“Redlands deserves improved health services, tertiary education facilities and job opportunities close to home. I am committed to making that future possible,” Cr Williams said.

“I have been making strong representations to the State Government and have made it clear that Redland City deserves the very best in the key areas of health and education.

“The community has rightly identified these areas as priorities. We know that other areas are losing some health services, and I am positioning Redlands to pick up those services and more.

“As Redland City grows, we need to provide for residents’ needs, particularly the increasing ageing population.

“The Redlands is a beautiful area and perfect for a broad range of health care that could include not only specialist medical treatment, but healing, rehabilitation and holistic services for community members and our neighbours.”

Cr Williams is also pushing for improved tertiary education and job creation.

“In the Redlands, one of our biggest exports is our children, who leave the city to go to university and/or work and I want that to stop. We need more jobs in the Redlands,” Cr Williams said.

“We also need more tertiary education opportunities in the Redlands – just one example would be a tertiary education centre linked with health care that leads to jobs in the area. This would be a significant benefit for our community.”

Cr Williams said job creation was another of her priorities and attracting additional government services to the area would assist that.

“Although health has been regarded as the responsibility of state and federal governments, Council can advocate for greater access to and choice of services, and assist with the planning framework to make our city an attractive choice for providers and community,” she said.

“With improved health care and tertiary education we can create a better, fuller community that not only benefits Redlanders, but is attractive to our neighbouring regions.

“We can provide a regional hub that delivers job opportunities and investment in our local economy.”