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Roaming dogs endanger wildlife

Wildcare Straddie’s Dr Romane Cristescu provides Ziggy with fresh water. Photo: Wildcare Straddie

Wildcare Straddie’s Dr Romane Cristescu provides Ziggy with fresh water. Photo: Wildcare Straddie

Pet-owners urged to Help Straddie Heal

This cute koala was meant to be one of the “lucky ones” … but having escaped the worst of North Stradbroke Island’s firestorm using his natural instinct to seek safer ground, he was mauled by domestic dogs near Dunwich.

The dogs – family pets – were roaming free despite the fact that, by law, they were supposed to be restrained with a leash, or at least enclosed in a yard.

Unfortunately Ziggy – as he was affectionately named – is now a statistic. He had to be euthanised despite the best efforts of wildlife carers to nurse him back to health.

Today, as North Stradbroke continues to recover from the two-week fire sparked by lightning on December 29, wildlife carers have joined with Traditional Owners to tell Ziggy’s story in the hope both residents and visitors will do their bit to help in the healing of Naree Budjong Djara (‘My Mother Earth’) and its beautiful surrounds.

Redland City councillor Craig Ogilvie – whose Division 2 takes in North Stradbroke – said dog attacks were an all-too common problem on the island but it’s now even more critical for owners of domestic pets to ensure native fauna has a fighting chance.

“This is nothing more than what’s required by law but it’s even more crucial right now because a lot of wildlife has moved to new habitat and is highly vulnerable to attack,” said Cr Ogilvie.

Council’s animal management officers will have an increased presence on the island at this critical time to help ensure dogs are kept on leashes. Fines of $220 apply if dogs are off-leash out of designated areas.

Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC) chief executive Cameron Costello urged people to “care for country” by respecting flora and fauna when visiting Straddie.

“We encourage people to come and holiday, to enjoy our beaches and everything else we have to offer … but also to be mindful that we are in recovery mode,” said Mr Costello.

“We ask people not to wander from established tracks so our plants can regenerate and seeds can germinate, and our cultural sites are not disturbed.

Wildcare Straddie spokesman Greg Grimmett said uncontrolled domestic dogs caused horrific and heart-breaking injuries to koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, kookaburras, curlews and lizards, to name just a few.

“A significant number of injuries we deal with are a result of domestic dogs not being under control,” said Mr Grimmett, who is also the convenor of the Stradbroke Wildlife Forum. “People particularly should keep in mind that off-leash areas do not mean people do not have to have their dogs under control.

“If people are camping they need to control their dog 24 hours a day, especially at night – just because it was curled up outside the tent when they went to bed does not mean it didn’t wander around searching for prey.”

Mr Grimmett said pet owners could also ensure accommodation providers claiming to be pet-friendly were also “wildlife friendly”, and offered enclosures to protect native flora and fauna from wandering pets.

“We get too many animals that are torn to bits because of dogs – a bit of common sense would go a long way,” he said.

Redland City’s Acting Mayor and Local Disaster Recovery Committee chairman Alan Beard said most of the public areas on Straddie – including all campgrounds – had now been re-opened although some tracks remained closed for public safety.

“Most of the most popular areas remain just as beautiful as they were before the fire,” he said. “Much of the fire burnt in inaccessible areas.

“There’s a multi-agency effort across all tiers of government to help with the island’s recovery and we are working closely with the Traditional Owners,” he said. “We just ask people to use common sense and do their bit to help in the recovery,” he said.

“We ask that they drive carefully on established tracks though burnt country as much of the landscape is very fragile and highly vulnerable to erosion. We also ask them to drive slowly, as much of the wildlife of the island has relocated to unburnt areas around the townships.”

Redland City’s Animal Management Committee spokeswoman Cr Wendy Boglary said Council officers traditionally stepped up their presence on the island for the holiday period and this would continue to reduce risks to wildlife and the public generally.

“Home Beach is the only off-lead beach area as well as Skatebowl Park at Dunwich between the skatebowl and the fenced area at the eastern end of the park,” she said.

“It’s important that everyone does what they can to help Straddie heal.

“People can avoid a fine of $220 by ensuring they exercise their dogs on leads, except in designated off-leash areas.”

  • Report injured wildlife to Wildcare Straddie on 0407 766 052.

Trial extension to dog off-leash beach

Dogs will have more space and time to run and play during a trial extension to the existing dog off-leash beach at Raby Bay Foreshore Park, Masthead Drive, Cleveland.

The trial starts today (1 August) and runs until 31 October 2013 and is in response to community requests to Redland City Council.

Have your say on the trial extension to dog off-leash beach

The most easterly beach, closest to Sentinel Court, is the current dog off-leash area and has been available to dogs only at certain times of the day, during specified months.

Those restrictions will not apply during the trial.

The extended dog off-leash area into the park will include the drinking tap and dog bowl and give dogs an off-leash area to use at high tide when the entire beach is under water.

The existing dog off-leash beach is unfenced and, with the extension into the park, will remain so.

Division 2 Councillor Craig Ogilvie said feedback from residents and park users would be assessed after the trial.

The extended dog off-leash area will have temporary signage with a map to show the boundaries of the area.

“Depending on community response, decisions will be made to formalise the extended area with permanent signage only, or discontinue the extension into the park and retain the original dog off-leash beach,’’ Cr Ogilvie said.



Reports of attempted dog stealing in the Redlands

Queensland Police have issued a warning about people posing as Council officers conducting dog surveys in an attempt to take dogs on their myPolice Wynnum blog.

Although there have been no reports of stolen dogs in the Wynnum Police District (which covers all of Redland City), we are keen for residents to be alert and to report any incidents of concern to Queensland Police via Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or qld.crimestoppers.com.au

All Council staff carry identification and people should ask anyone claiming to be a Council officer to identify themselves.

If residents are unsure about the identity of anyone claiming to be a Council officer, they are encouraged to call us during business hours on 3829 8999.



Council warns of dog thieves

Redland City Council is warning residents that local dogs are apparently being targeted by thieves in the Redlands area.

Queensland Police have issued a warning about people posing as Council officers conducting dog surveys in an attempt to take dogs.

Council advises that all Council staff carry identification and people should ask anyone claiming to be a Council officer to identify themselves.

If residents are unsure about the identity of anyone claiming to be a Council officer they are encourage to call Council’s Customer Service during business hours on 3829 8999.

If anyone claiming to be a Council officer is unable to provide identity, residents are entitled to refuse entry.

The Wynnum District Police have reported the most recent incident yesterday of two men in hi-visibility vests posing as Redland City Council officers taking dogs from properties in the Birkdale and Alexandra hills area.

The Queensland Police warning also states that people have been throwing food over fences and whistling to get the dogs attention.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or qld.crimestoppers.com.au 24hrs a day.

Anyone wanting information regarding Council’s animal management department can contact Council on 3829 8999.

Snapshot: 14 May 2013

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Dog restrictions relaxed – Wellington Point Reserve and W.H. Yeo Park 

After a period of public consultation, Council has adopted changes to its animal management local law that relax dog restrictions at two popular parks – W.H. Yeo Park, Victoria Point and Wellington Point Reserve.

Now dog owners can walk their dogs on-leash at these parks any time during the week, and before 9am and after 4pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

Dogs are still prohibited on Thompson’s Beach, adjacent to W.H.Yeo Park, and still need to be kept on a leash on the sand bar between Wellington Point Reserve and King Island.


Redland Libraries – Redlitzer writing competition

Calling all local unpublished writers! Entries are now open for the 2013 Redlitzer Anthology.

A professionally printed book of short stories, Redlitzer is a great opportunity for local authors to see their stories in print. Entries are open until Friday 31 May. For all details visit our website or phone 3829 8779.


Hazard reduction burns

Council will be undertaking hazard reduction burns (weather permitting) as follows:
Wednesday 15 May: Serpentine Creek Cemetery, Redland Bay
Wednesday 22 May: Alexandra Circuit Bushland Refuge, Alexandra Hills
Wednesday 29 May: Swampbox Conservation Area, Capalaba

All attempts will be made to minimise disruptions to residents.

More information phone: 3829 8456


Water meter reading

Lock up your dogs! We are reading water meters in Sheldon and Thornlands this week. Please make sure our meter readers have clear access to your water meter.


Council meetings 

Wednesday 15 May
General Meeting (incorporates Coordination Committee Meeting) ………………….. 10.30am

It’s a dog’s day: changes to animal management laws adopted

After a period of public consultation, Redland City Council has adopted changes to its animal management local law, that include relaxing dog restrictions in two of the city’s parks.

Dog owners are now permitted to walk their dogs on-leash at W.H. Yeo Park, Victoria Point and at Wellington Point Reserve before 9am and after 4pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

At Wellington Point Reserve, dogs are also allowed on-leash on the sandbar (that is exposed at low tide) between the reserve and King Island during the extended times. However they are still prohibited on the beach area adjacent to W.H Yeo Park (Thompson’s Beach).


Redland City Council spokesperson for animal management Cr Wendy Boglary said that dogs were previously prohibited at all times at W.H. Yeo Park and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays at Wellington Point Reserve.

“This extension of time will be great for busy working people. However being a dog owner comes with responsibility,” Cr Boglary said.

“Dog owners must pick up after their dogs and place their doggie bags in bins. No dogs are to be off- leash and are totally banned from the playground area.

“If all dog owners are responsible, these changes will have little impact on the broader community.”

Cr Boglary said the vast majority of public submissions were in favour of the law change, but quite a number of calls were received from people who mistakenly thought the areas would become dog off-leash areas.

“This is absolutely not so – Council will promote the new arrangements and our compliance officers will use their regular patrols to clarify any confusion with park and reserve users,” Cr Boglary said.

“Of course, signage will be updated and dog faeces bag dispensers will be installed.”

Dog owners across the city are still required to keep their animals on-leash (unless within a designated dog off-leash area), to pick up after their dogs and ensure they are not a nuisance to others.