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Incidents spark fire warning

Lighting fires on Redland beaches or in the City’s parks without a permit can be costly, Redland City Council has warned.

Council’s Open Space, Sport and Recreation spokesman Cr Lance Hewlett (Division 4) said in addition to the risk of a fire burning out of control, unapproved fires could also endanger other park users.

“Camp and cooking fires can pose a real hazard in popular public areas such as parks and beaches and the consequences can be serious,’’ Cr Hewlett said.

“Children could easily burn themselves on a fire that hasn’t been properly extinguished and there is also the potential for embers to cause a major blaze.

“That’s why we have rules in place and why people who break them face an initial $550 infringement notice.

“Should the matter end up in court, the penalty could potentially be up to $5500.’’

The reminder follows several fires being lit illegally on Coochiemudlo Island.

“The rule is simple – lighting fires without a permit in council parks and reserves, including on our beaches, is prohibited,’’ Cr Hewlett, whose division includes Coochiemudlo Island, said.

The only exception is where a permanent fireplace has been established by Council.

The ban on lighting fires in the open air without a permit also applies to residential areas.

The reminder is particularly timely as bushfire season approaches.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams urged all Redlanders to think now about ensuring they are bushfire ready this year.

“The beautiful dry weather we have had in the Redlands over winter means we all must be particularly fire conscious,’’ Cr Williams said.

“You can be prepared by following the guidelines on Council’s website at www.redland.qld.gov.au.

“There is no substitute for preparation and making sure you have a bushfire survival plan that everyone in the family understands.

“One of the Redlands great attractions is its wonderful open areas and conservation parks, but many of these border built-up areas.

“Don’t become complacent just because it is hard to imagine a bushfire in our suburbs. It is a possibility for which we all should be ready.’’

Redland City Council has a Fire Management Plan to minimise the risk of bushfires in the Redlands.

Be bushfire ready this summer

Redland City Council is urging residents to act now and be ready for bushfire season this summer, particularly at North Stradbroke Island.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said with hot and windy conditions forecast over the coming days, all Redlanders are reminded to be prepared in case bushfires occur in the area.

“North Stradbroke Island residents should be extra vigilant with weather forecasts predicting perfect conditions for bushfires,” Cr Williams said.

“There is no substitute for preparation. This includes preparing your home and property and developing a bushfire survival plan that everyone in the family understands.”

Prepare a bushfire survival plan:

  • Decide whether you will ‘go early’ or ‘stay and defend’
  • If going early, identify a safe place to evacuate to
  • If staying and defending, ensure you receive expert advice to make certain that you are ready Decide how to look after your pets
  • Prepare an emergency and evacuation kit, including a battery powered radio to listen to bushfire updates.

Prepare your home and property:

  • Clear rubbish and vegetation from around your house
  • Clean gutters and roof areas
  • Regularly mow your lawn and remove grass and weeds from around sheds, fences and gates Display a prominent house number
  • Make sure fire services can easily access your property.

Cr Williams said it was difficult to imagine a bushfire in our suburbs, but fires in residential homes or in our native bushland reserves are possible particularly during hot temperatures.

“Council has a Fire Management Plan and manages extensive areas of bushland across the city to minimise risk but extreme weather conditions can cause bushfires.”

For more information on bushfire ready tips visit www.redland.qld.gov.au or www.emergency.qld.gov.au. If you see fire or smoke contact emergency services on 000.