Sponsorship and grants

Did you know that Redland City Council provides more than $750,000 of sponsorship and grants every year to help local organisations, community groups and individuals make a difference in the Redlands?

From cultural festivals, wellness expos and vintage marketsĀ  – to triathlons, bowls tournaments and fishing competitions – sponsorship is available for community-based activities and events that provide measurable benefits for the community. Applications for the next round of sponsorship will be accepted from 15 August until 16 September 2016.

The next round of community grants close on Friday 26 August, with funding available for organisation support, project support and conservation initiatives. Applications for capital infrastructure grants will close on Friday 2 September.

Learn more about how to apply for grants or sponsorship andĀ eligibility criteria. Alternatively, you can call 3829 8912.

Turn your great idea into a reality!

Turn your great idea into a reality!

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