Sink the Tobruk for Straddie: thanks for your support!

The Redlands should know soon whether it will get the ex-HMAS Tobruk to create a new marine habitat and dive site.

There has been a great response by the community to Council’s bid to have the Tobruk sunk off Point Look to boost North Stradbroke Island’s standing as a world-class diving destination. Thanks to your support we have received over 1700 signatures on our petition and have received many positive comments on the Sink Tobruk for Straddie Facebook page.

The sinking of the ex-HMAS Brisbane off the Sunshine Coast just over a decade ago has provided Redland City Council with a sound benchmark for its forecast of more than 90 direct and indirect jobs being created here and beyond by scuttling the Tobruk off Straddie.

Having the Tobruk here would, in the long term, lead to job opportunities across the dive industry, while also increasing demand for accommodation, hospitality and transport.

Jobs growth in this sector would be significant and very welcome, with tourism vital to the Redlands’ economic future. The dive site is expected to bring an economic injection of at least $1.5 million a year. This would go some way to helping the island transition away from sand mining to a sustainable tourism-based industries.

We’ll keep you posted on the decision.

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