PokéFest 2.0

Back by popular demand, PokéFest 2.0 is happening Saturday 22 October. The last event saw over 300 people in their best Pokémon outfits spend their public holiday trawling Cleveland for virtual monsters.

Andrew Bloyce on Facebook told us he “came all the way from Moorooka to catch Pokémon. Checked out the markets and cafes too. More events like this please!” Many have also requested the next event be held outside school hours so we delivered.

The kids will enjoy catching Pokémon, battling at the Cleveland Train Station Gym and enjoying the spoils of the handmade markets and local eateries by the water.

Held in conjunction with the Twilight Makers Market, PokéFest 2.0 will be held at Raby Bay Harbour, 22 October, 4pm-8pm and lures will be placed on local Pokéstops during that time.

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