Only working smoke alarms save lives…

Have your smoke alarm batteries been replaced recently? According to Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, there were more than 1900 residential fires across the state in the past 12 months and 18 people were tragically killed.

Only working smoke alarms save lives so it’s vital to replace batteries every year for alarms powered by nine volt batteries and replace the alarm itself every 10 years from date of manufacture (displayed on all smoke alarms).

According to QFES, people aged 65 and over make up the highest fire fatality risk group in the community. For those aged 60 years and over, or any age with a disability, who require assistance, contact Redland Home Assist Secure Secure on 3383 3030.

QFES also recommends the use of photoelectric smoke alarms, which are more effective at detecting a wider range of fires.

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