Keeping count of koalas

Two koala surveys this month will provide valuable data not only on where koalas are, but their habitat use and movement patterns within the urban areas.

On Saturday 15 October, more than 40 trained volunteers are heading to North Stradbroke Island for Council’s NSI Koala Urban Survey, an annual count of koalas around the three island townships.

In late October, a city-wide survey will call on all residents to help spot koalas.

You can get involved in this community survey by keeping your eyes open for koalas on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 October and reporting any sightings. For more information on this Koala Action Group survey and how to report your sightings, visit the IndigiScapes website.

Tips for spotting a koala include:

  • Looking for koala scats– if there are scats on the ground, this is a good indication that a koala is around.
  • Looking for scratch marks on tree trunks
  • Listening– during mating season, you may hear the males bellow or females call out from the trees.
  • Taking note of the weather– on cold days koalas will nestle into the fork of a tree or find a sunny spot. On hot days they can be found up high catching the breeze or in dense shady trees.
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