It’s a dogs life – Out and about with Allan Shephard

The Redlands has a lot to offer when us humans want to have adventures, but what about our four legged family members?  While there are plenty of off-leash dog parks, reserves with shared trails and kilometres of walking paths; there’s nothing quite like watching your dogs frolic and play on a beach. Well, unless they’re a golden retriever like our grand old fellow. Then you’ll probably enjoy short frolics followed by extended periods of laying around in the water. Our two favourite beach spots are Raby Bay Foreshore Park and Wellington Point. Raby Bay has an off-leash beach, while Wellington Point is strictly on-leash and only during specified times.

A trip to the beach is pretty exciting for the fur babies. For the first few minutes, leashes are pulled tight while excited pooches flail from side to side like a car windscreen wiper on high speed.  There’s other dogs to meet, humans who want to pat you, and so many things to sniff!  Sometimes it’s hard to know who’s walking who.

For us, enjoying sunset over the water adds a little magic to the end of the day. And the sunsets over the water from the beach at Wellington Point are pretty special. Wear the dogs out, grab some fish and chips, kick back on the grass and watch the sun disappear over the water.

Redlands is a beautiful place. Please remember to clean up after your pooch wherever you are, and keep them on a leash unless you’re in a dedicated off-leash area.

Visit our website for more information on dog parks and off-leash areas, and to double-check where dogs are prohibited.

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