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Community backs plans for popular Thorneside sports park

Consultation about the upgrade of William Taylor Memorial Sports Field at Thorneside has revealed strong community backing for the draft concept plan.

Mayor Karen Williams said the plan was developed by Redland City Council in collaboration with the primary tenant sporting clubs that call the sports field home – Mooroondu Sport and Recreation Club, Mooroondu Football Club, Wellington Point Cricket, Thorneside Community Tennis and Raiders Netball Club.

“It was reassuring to see club members, park users and locals felt confidence in the benefits the plan would provide, Cr Williams said.

“Nearly 300 survey responses, including written submissions, were received during the consultation period, and nearly three-quarters of those indicated support for the plan.

“Knowing the plan is on the right track, making the most of the space for the clubs and the wider community, is a strong step towards progressing the project.

“Council officers will continue to work with clubs, including smaller clubs like the Petanque Club Brisbane Southside, as the planning and design phases progress.

“Consultation outcomes also revealed that Redlands Coast is fairly evenly split between preferring a natural environment or sports theme for the new play space, with the project team appreciating the suggestion from numerous respondents of combining the two to create a natural/sports theme.

“For the BMX and skate park area, it was not too surprising to hear that the half pipe is a well-loved if ageing feature, with respondents also telling us they liked the range of elements, community-friendly feel, shady position, and co-location with other activities.

“Our skaters and BMX riders are excited about the prospect of better facilities, and we will soon be in touch with respondents who indicated interest in the targeted skate and bike facilities consultation that will be led by an external skate and bike park design consultant.

“Having users involved in the planning will help ensure a great space for people from all sections of the community, now and into the future.”

Division 10 Councillor Paul Bishop said he appreciated the time that so many community members took to have their say about the upgrade.

“It was really wonderful to hear that nearly 300 engaged local people took time to not only find out about the plans for William Taylor Memorial Sports Field but to let Council know what they think of them.

“Community feedback and input is invaluable when the aim is to create a space for everyone.

“I have been aware for some time that there has been a desire for changes in the area and am pleased that residents have expressed their views to council officers, so they can design for local needs.

“I thank every respondent for this expression of community spirit and participation.

“Consultation outcomes will now play a part in designing the new play space, further developing the site plan and informing the upcoming targeted consultation about the skate and BMX facilities.

“We know that many people really enjoy the relaxed feeling and natural environment within the area, while others like to exercise formally or informally at different times of the day, week and year.

“After feedback from clubs and individuals, I’m looking forward to seeing plans that make the best use of the space, with features that will maintain natural values yet also offer exciting options for skaters, scooters and BMX riders of varying ages and abilities.”

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Sandbagging stations open to community

Redland City Council has opened sandbagging stations for the community following Bureau of Meteorology forecasts for heavy rain this week.

The sandbagging stations will be open at the following times and locations:

Council Depot Cleveland – 199-205 South St, Cleveland – Click here for directions
Council staff and SES will be onsite to assist. Sand, bags and shovels will be supplied.

Open today, Monday 29 November: until 6pm

Open Tuesday 30 November and Wednesday 1 December: 7am to 6pm

The following 24-hour self-service sandbagging stations will be open from 5pm Monday 29 November to 6pm Wednesday 1 December:

Council Depot Dunwich – 11-37 Mitchell Cres, Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island – Click here for directions
Outside the Redland City Council Depot, 11-37 Mitchell Crescent, Dunwich. Sand and bags supplied. Please take your own shovel.

Council Depot Russell Island – 6 Cambridge Rd, Russell Island – Click here for directions
Outside the Council Depot on Cambridge Road. Sand and bags supplied. Please take your own shovel.

Council Depot Macleay Island – 22-24 Scarborough Rd, Macleay Island – Click here for directions
Outside the Council Depot on Scarborough Terrace. Sand and bags supplied. Please take your own shovel.

Please note: enclosed shoes must be worn at all Council sandbagging stations.

Need assistance?

Call the SES on 132 500 to log a job, which will be prioritised and tasked. This will help ensure our most vulnerable in the community are addressed as a priority.

Call Triple Zero (000) immediately if the situation is life-threatening.

Call Energex on 13 19 62 to report fallen powerlines. Remember to stay clear and warn others.

Call Council on 3829 8999 to report fallen branches on public spaces across the city.

Please be mindful of conditions when outdoors; Queensland Fire and Emergency Services advises that people should:

  • Never drive, walk or ride through flood waters. If it’s flooded, forget it.
  • Seek shelter, preferably indoors and never under trees.
  • Avoid using the telephone during a thunderstorm.
  • Beware of fallen trees and powerlines.

For the latest advice and emergency warnings:

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Redlands Coast holding steady on environmental health

The water quality in Moreton Bay is excellent and an expansion of seagrass meadows in the bay signifies a healthier ecosystem, according to the 2021 Healthy Land and Water Report Card.

The 2021 Healthy Land and Water Report Card found that water quality in Southern Moreton Bay remained excellent with a rating of B+.

The annual report into the environmental condition of South East Queensland waterways showed that the catchment waterways of Redlands Coast have remained in “fair condition”, consistent with findings in last year’s report.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the consistent Catchment Environmental Condition score of C+ and a Waterway Benefit Rating of 3 stars (out of 5) were positive signs that work being done in the city was continuing to be effective.

Cr Williams said the report, prepared by Healthy Land and Water, showed there had been a slight improvement in the environmental condition of Southern Moreton Bay with a score of B+; with Central Moreton Bay also improving, up to an A from last year’s A-; while Eastern Moreton Bay maintained its A rating and Western Moreton Bay stayed on an A-.

“The report found the water quality in all four sectors of Moreton Bay remained excellent, with an improvement in all indicators in several areas,” she said.

“One of the encouraging findings is the continuing spread of seagrass meadows in various areas of Moreton Bay.

“Expanding seagrass habitat signifies a healthier ecosystem. They are home to dugongs and provide protection for a rich biodiversity of marine life.”

Cr Williams said the report showed Redlands Coast residents highly valued their local waterways and were actively using them.

Kayaking in Tingalpa Creek near Birkdale Community Precinct.

“The report showed residents placed a high value on their local waterways for recreation, with more than half of those surveyed saying they used them for recreational activities at least monthly.”

Cr Williams said encouraging and maintaining the community’s connection with their local creeks and the Bay was important.

“To keep Redlands Coast naturally wonderful for generations to come we all need to continue working together to improve the health of our waterways,” she said.


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IndigiScapes Centre maintenance closure extended

Redlands IndigiScapes Centre is currently closed for scheduled maintenance. Due to rain, the planned closure has extended to Friday 26 November.

IndigiScapes is now expected to reopen on Saturday 27 November. 

The following facilities are currently closed:

  • the Discovery Centre,
  • café,
  • native botanic garden,
  • playground and
  • walking tracks.

The native nursery will remain open.

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Redland City Council opens sandbagging stations.

Redland City Council has opened sandbagging stations for the community in anticipation of further rain this week.

When visiting sandbagging stations please wear enclosed shoes, bring a buddy to help carry heavy loads and remember to bend your knees when lifting.

Cleveland – Open until 6pm tonight; then 7am – 6pm daily
Redland City Council South Street Depot – Click the link for directions:
Council staff will be onsite to assist. Sand, bags and shovels are supplied.

Self-service sandbagging stations with sand and bags will be available at:
North Stradbroke Island – Open 24 Hours
Outside the Redland City Council Depot, 11-37 Mitchell Crescent, Dunwich
Click the link for directions:

Russell Island – Open 24 Hours
Outside the Council Depot on Cambridge Road.

Macleay Island – Open 24 Hours
Outside the Council Depot on Scarborough Terrace.

Please take your own shovel. Residents will need to collect their own sandbags. If this is not possible, please contact the Redland SES Unit on phone 132 500.

For more info on sandbagging click here
And please remember – If it’s flooded forget it!

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Redlands Coast businesses connect with New Zealand

Stronger trade connections and new opportunities between Redlands Coast businesses and the New Zealand market were explored at a recent Redland City Council-organised business event.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams addresses participants at the Business Breakfast: Redlands Coast & New Zealand event.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the Business Breakfast: Redlands Coast & New Zealand event held in partnership with Trade & Investment Queensland (TIQ) on 18 November, presented the opportunities available and the ways to leverage and connect NZ and Redlands Coast trade and investment.

“This event was about identifying these opportunities and discuss a way forward for the strengthening of these ties in the coming year,” Cr Williams said.

“Having a strong bilateral trade and investment connection is a great way to form strategic trans-Tasman ties.

“Immediate opportunities for enhanced ties between Redlands and New Zealand could be in health care, maritime industries, food, ag-tech and emerging technology industries.”

Cr Williams said the event was one of several ways that Council supported local businesses including the highly successful Redlands Coast Business and Jobs Expo earlier this month.

“Council is coordinating our approach across the levels of government to provide seamless support for business in making the most of NZ trade and investment,” she said.

“In this way businesses can get access to resources they need regardless of their initial point of contact.

“This event was the start of Council working collaboratively with industry and government to explore trade and investment opportunities with a range of global markets.

“Many businesses just aren’t aware of the fantastic resources available to them in these endeavours. They can reach out to Council for personalised consultations so they can get the support they need to expand and grow their business.”

Participants at the Business Breakfast: Redlands Coast & New Zealand event held in Alexandra Hills.

Cr Williams said the event attracted representatives from a broad range of industries including food production, renewable energy, ag-tech, retailers, manufacturers and creative industries, including local and Indigenous-owned businesses. Key organisations represented included Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce, Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ), Export and Council of Australia and Trade & Investment Queensland.

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Information sessions offer cyber security advice

Information sessions on how to protect yourself or your business from online security threats will be held in Redlands Coast this month(November).

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the cyber security information sessions at the Redland Performing Arts Centre on 29 November would be tailored to suit two areas of the community.

“The morning session will highlight the cyber threats facing individuals and older Redlands Coast residents, as well as offering tips on how to protect yourself online,” Cr Williams said.

“While the next session will be aimed at small and medium businesses and will explain how they can protect themselves from the most common cyber security threats.

“These events are part of the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) Small and Medium Enterprise Week and are run by the ACSC and proudly supported by Redland City Council.

“So much of what we do today is online. We rely on online systems to run our businesses and our lives.

“Criminals are always coming up with new ways to sneak into our systems and disrupt your business.

“The ACSC is the Australian Government’s lead operational agency for national cyber security. It provides free cyber security advice and support to Australian individuals, businesses, and organisations which can enhance your awareness and protect you online.”

For more information on the sessions, go to Council’s What’s On calendar.

CYBER THREATS – What you need to know right now

When: 10-11am, Monday 29 November

Where: Redland Performing Arts Centre, Cleveland

Tickets: Available through Eventbrite

CYBER THREATS – Cyber Aware: It’s your business to care

When: noon-1pm, Monday 29 November,

Where: Redlands Performing Arts Centre, Cleveland

Tickets: Available through Eventbrite


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State Government’s COVID-19 restrictions are set to change

State Government 80% vaccination rules

COVID-19 restrictions are set to change significantly in Queensland, including Redland City, from 17 December 2021 or once 80% of the eligible population has been fully vaccinated.

In November the Queensland Government – which is responsible for managing the response to the COVID-19 pandemic in our state – announced measures relating to unvaccinated people, including restricting entry into some public places.

Redland City Council, along with councils across Queensland, has questions about how these restrictions will impact council facilities, services and events and, as a group, is urgently seeking clarity from the Queensland Government.

When that urgently needed clarity is provided, Council will advise the community through its many regular communication channels including this website, social media, local media, newsletters, correspondence to our stakeholder groups and at our facilities, including libraries, galleries, IndigiScapes Centre, Customer Contact Centres and Redland Performing Arts Centre.

Questions regarding the requirement for mandatory vaccines, as outlined in the State Government’s COVID-19 roadmap, should be directed to Queensland Health.

You may also find useful the Questions and Answers section on the Queensland Government’s 80% double dose vaccination restrictions page.

A safe place

Redland City Council is committed – and obliged – to follow any current Queensland Government health directives and provide a safe place for its employees and visitors.

Our Council continues to strongly encourage the vaccination of its employees, contractors and visitors. Currently there are no vaccination mandates in place for residents accessing Council services.

Masks and travel

Queensland has reached 80% single-dose vaccination, which means face mask restrictions have eased. Travel restrictions are also set to ease further when the state reaches 80% double vaccination. Check the Queensland Health website for more updates.

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Redlands Coast celebrates 20,000 green waste bin milestone

A green milestone has been reached with 20,000 green waste bins now in use across Redlands Coast.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams presented local resident Michelle Sullivan with her new bin, the city’s 20,000th, and thanked her for joining the growing green bin brigade.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams presents Michelle Sullivan, left, with a thankyou hamper from IndigiScapes and her green waste bin, the 20,000th now in use in Redlands Coast.

“People like Michelle are really making a difference because the contents of green bins is turned into new enriching organic products, such as soils, soil enhancers and mulch,” Cr Williams said.

“It helps weed out unnecessary waste going into landfill.

“Currently, about a third of the material put into kerbside general waste bins could be diverted to household green waste bins. So every new green waste bin in service is a step in the right direction towards a zero waste future.”

Cr Williams said approximately 6,300 tonnes (or 6.3 million kgs) of green waste was collected from the kerbside collection service last financial year (2020/2021) from mainland houses across Redlands Coast.

To thank the community for an amazing effort, 50 Redlands Coast residents who had a green waste bin were randomly selected to win an IndigiScapes voucher worth $50 each. The winners were announced during National Recycling Week and have been contacted about their prize.

Green waste bins can be ordered online from Council’s website or by calling 3829 8999.

 What you can put in your green bin:

  • Garden prunings
  • Grass clippings (do not bag if using a green waste bin)
  • Shrubs
  • Weeds and flowers
  • Leaves and loose bark
  • Sawdust
  • Small branches or soft wood (no larger than 75cm in length or 10cm in diameter)

To find out what happens to your green waste, go to Council’s website.

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Council training program wins national excellence award

Redland City Council’s commitment to creating positive and lasting relationships with First Nations communities has been recognised through a prestigious national excellence award.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council’s Look, Listen, Understand education program had been awarded Best Diversity and Inclusion Program in the Australian Institute of Training and Development (AITD) Excellence Awards announced today.

“Redlands Coast is built on 40,000 years of Indigenous culture and this award is testament to our commitment to celebrating this history,” Cr Williams said.

“The Look, Listen, Understand program includes a two-hour Indigenous information session as well as a full day of immersive training on-country on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) at the invitation of the Minjerribah Moorgumpin Elders-in-Council (MMEIC).

“The MMEIC and Traditional Owner Matt Burns have been gracious and generous in helping Council deliver this program, which was developed by Redland City Council’s Learning and Development Adviser Merrin McCulloch and Indigenous Partnerships and Programs Coordinator Brett Nutley.”

Mr Burns said the program offered a personal insight into Quandamooka Culture on Minjerribah.

“It continues to be well-received by participants,” he said.

Traditional Owner and training program leader Matt Burns.

Cr Williams said Council was up against strong competition to take out the award.

“The other finalists included Origin Energy and Engineers Australia, so this award was a wonderful affirmation of Council’s commitment to being a culturally safe, inclusive and resilient workplace,” she said.

“The program aims at creating and strengthening positive and lasting relationships with the local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

“So far more than 528 employees have participated in this award-winning program.

“It is just one of many initiatives in our internal Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), Kanara Malara – One People 2019-2021.

“The RAP is a formalised vision and set of principles to guide Council in our commitment to reconciliation efforts.

“Other initiatives include: the commissioning of Indigenous artwork which is displayed throughout all Council facilities; we put a Kanara Malara – One People artwork wrap on a library van and used more of this artwork on shirts made available to staff; and Council meeting rooms were dual-named to include the Jandai language.”

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