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New group meets to discuss active travel across Redlands Coast

The Redlands Coast Active Travel Reference Group has held its first meeting, bringing together representatives from Council, relevant organisations and the community.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said group members would work with Council officers and contribute their expertise and local knowledge about all modes of active travel across Redlands Coast.

“This new reference group will help Council engage with local stakeholders and community groups to identify and address initiatives that promote and improve active travel options and participation,” she said.

“Council is serious about active travel. It is one of the top priorities of the Redlands Coast Transport Strategy and is a catalyst project in the Our Future Redlands – A Corporate Plan to 2026 and Beyond.

“Active travel can help to improve community connectivity, health and wellbeing, and can also help to reduce the burden of parking and transport infrastructure dominated by cars.

“We are looking to the new group members’ advocacy and passion to help drive and support active travel and transport infrastructure and innovation.

“This group was formed following an open expression of interest process for community members, and I am very pleased it will include genuine input from those most directly affected – our community.”

The first meeting was attended by representatives from Council’s Transport Planning Unit, the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Walks, Bicycle Queensland, Minjerribah and Tattersalls Cycling Clubs, RACQ, Sharks Triathlon Club and five community members.

It included a briefing on upcoming active transport projects for Redlands Coast, a background on end-of-trip facilities at transport nodes and schools, and a presentation on e-scooters. The latter two items will be discussed further at the next meeting.

Group chairperson and Division 2 Councillor Peter Mitchell said he was very happy with the cross section of membership, with representatives from many active transport backgrounds and expertise.

“This group of highly skilled and motivated individuals has been formed from the community itself, and out of a strong community demand for safer and more connected active travel options,” Cr Mitchell said.

“It builds upon the past good work done by bicycle advocacy groups but broadens the input to include that from walkers, and people with disability and personal mobility devices.

“There is a shared vision that everyone has the right to travel how they choose and to do it safely, legally and respectfully of other road and path users.

“The naturally wonderful Redlands Coast has some strong active travel bones, but it is both timely and necessary to double down on infrastructure and education to realise the vision of a pedestrian-friendly city and lifestyle that is the envy of Australia.

“I am looking forward to collaborating with the team to help Council get our active travel projects and resourcing just right.”

The group will initially meet every two months and then on an ‘as needs’ basis.

For more information on the Redlands Coast Active Travel Reference Group, visit Redland City Council’s Transport planning webpage.

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Community to have its say on draft local plan for Victoria Point

Redlands Coast residents will soon be able to have their say on a structure plan to guide development of an emerging community in Victoria Point.

Mayor Karen Williams said the draft South West Victoria Point Local Plan would progress to community consultation, despite the fact about 40 per cent of the development proposed for the area had already been approved by a State Court.

“The Planning and Environment Court has approved two residential development proposals and one for an over 50s lifestyle village, an outcome which was taken out of our hands,” Cr Williams said.

“Despite this, there are still benefits in continuing to progress the plan to consultation and in continuing to lobby the State Government for the necessary infrastructure to support the development of this new residential community.”

At this week’s General Meeting, Council reaffirmed it would not sign off on the Local Plan until the State Government commits to fund the vital road infrastructure required for the area’s future growth.

“Council’s position in relation to the emerging community has not changed since 2019, when a similar resolution was endorsed,” Cr Williams said.

“Our residents have told us they do not want development without the infrastructure to support the growth and our stance shows Council is listening to these concerns.

“We have previously asked the State to commit to deliver the dual carriage way of Cleveland-Redland Bay Road between Magnolia Parade, Victoria Point and Giles Road, Redland Bay.

“We acknowledge the State’s commitment of $110 million to duplicate part of this state road, between Magnolia Parade and Anita Street, Redland Bay, but ask them to commit to full duplication before we will agree to adopt the Local Plan as an amendment to City Plan.”

Councillors voted to amend the draft South West Victoria Point Local Plan to address State Ministerial conditions. It will then be sent back to the State Planner for final endorsement after which Council will start public consultation, about September.

“The process for this detailed plan began in 2018 so we are happy we are almost at the stage to take it to the community,” Cr Williams said.

The draft local plan covers about 175 hectares of land located between Bunker Road and Brendan Way in the north, Clay Gully Road and Cleveland-Redland Bay Road in the east, Double Jump Road in the south, and Little Eprapah Creek in the west.

Councillor for Division 4 Lance Hewlett said a well-prepared structure plan should ensure that development is appropriate, coordinated and delivered in a timely manner.

“We want this area to be an attractive, functional and walkable urban community that is supported by an accessible neighbourhood centre, integrated open space, active transport network and public transport services,” Cr Hewlett said.

“The local plan will guide new development through a mix of dwelling types, protecting and enhancing ecological habitat and connections, and outline the infrastructure that will be needed to support the new community.”

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Clarity sought on Minjerribah land use

Redland City Council is seeking a commitment from the State Government for comprehensive community consultation on its plan for North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) and to detail how it will accommodate the land-use aspirations of traditional owners.

It follows a ministerial direction for Council to amend its planning scheme to rezone 25 lots of native title land on the island for residential, industrial, community and tourism development.

Mayor Karen Williams said that while Council recognised that the direction had been made to give the Quandamooka people important residential and commercial opportunities, a commitment from the State Government was required to undertake a comprehensive and coordinated community consultation exercise.

“It needs to clearly articulate its strategic plan for Minjerribah and reveal how it intends to accommodate the land-use aspirations of the Quandamooka people and deliver on its economic transition commitments,” Cr Williams said.

“Deputy Premier Steven Miles has directed Council to amend its planning scheme to reflect a Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) that was made in September last year which overrides City Plan and rezones native title land at Dunwich (Gumpi), Amity (Pulan Pulan) and Point Lookout (Mulumba).

“While this is something the State is directing, Council will work closely with communities on the island and continue to advocate on their behalf to make sure the State considers and understands their expectations for real investment to support the island economy and local jobs.”

“Council also seeks a firm commitment from the State that it will provide adequate funding for all the infrastructure and associated costs for the development of these land parcels.

Councillor for North Stradbroke Island Peter Mitchell said that while it was understood that Council would have a role in assessing and deciding development applications for the 25 lots, some applications for the land might require approval by the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning’s State Assessment and Referral Agency.

“On behalf of Council, I made a submission to the Minister noting Council’s support for the Quandamooka Peoples’ land aspirations and made a number of suggestions to help facilitate a transparent and collaborative process but we did not get a response,” Cr Mitchell said.

“As we now work to amend City Plan in line with the ministerial direction, it is vital that the clarity that Council has sought is forthcoming. We need to ensure all submissions made during this process can be considered on their merits, so it may be appropriate for the State to take an active role in the public consultation and consider taking responsibility for reviewing and commenting on all submissions received during this period.

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Visit Redlands Coast for Brisbane Ekka long weekend

Naturally wonderful Redlands Coast will be welcoming visitors for the rescheduled Brisbane Ekka long weekend in October to tick off some top attractions on their local long-break bucket lists.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council would soon roll out a tourism campaign highlighting the great getaway ideas which were “just up the road yet a world away” on Redlands Coast.

“As Redlands Coast has already had its Ekka public holiday, everything will be open and welcoming visitors and locals for the Brisbane, Moreton Bay and Scenic Rim Ekka long weekend from Friday 29 October,” Cr Williams said.

“COVID is likely to present difficulties for longer-distance travel for some time, so we want to make sure the rest of South-East Queensland realise that just down the road on Redlands Coast there are some inspiring natural attractions from glamping and beach camping, bush retreats and activities to bayside and ocean adventures.”

The tourism campaign is part of a Mayoral Minute outlining Redland City Council’s ongoing financial and other support for pandemic-affected local businesses and community organisations and supported by Councillors at today’s General Meeting.

Cr Williams said local government continued to play a vital role in the COVID response.

“During this pandemic Council has responded immediately to help stop the spread of the virus, keep our communities safe and provide critical services to the residents of Redland City,” she said.

“We have spent millions of dollars and countless hours of effort to support the community, including allocating $1 million for a COVID recovery fund; establishing a targeted grants program for community organisations and sporting clubs; contributing grants funding of nearly $17.5 million awarded through State and Federal stimulus programs; and strengthening our Local Buy policy.

“My Mayoral Minute also noted the critical and changing role of Council in responding to COVID-19 and protecting our community. It also committed Council to continuing to remain agile in maintaining and delivering services and support for our community during this pandemic.”

Cr Williams said Council was working with local tourism operators and businesses to ensure exceptional COVID-safe experiences awaited local residents and visitors.

Straddie Chamber of Commerce president Col Battersby said it was imperative to do everything possible to promote Redlands Coast to visitors.

“Council and the city’s chambers of commerce work closely to promote the city and it pays off for tourism operators each time we embark on a campaign,” he said.

“So, if you are having the Ekka long weekend in October I encourage you to take a break on Redlands Coast, and in particular Straddie, that is on your doorstep. October is a wonderful time to come to Straddie and we look forward to welcoming you.”

Redlands Coast Chamber of Commerce president Rebecca Young said local businesses were working hard to ensure they could attract visitors to the city and congratulated Council for supporting them through the Ekka long weekend tourism campaign.

“Tourism is one of the sectors most affected by lockdowns and any support that can be provided to encourage more people to come and spend here is welcomed.”

Find out more about Redlands Coast getaways by calling the Visitor Information Centre on 1300 667 386 or going to

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Macleay Island camp ground trial supported

Redland City Council will consider establishing a free or low-cost basic camping ground on the Macleay Island foreshore.

Councillors today supported a Notice of Motion by Division 5 (Redland Bay and Southern Moreton Bay Islands) Councillor Mark Edwards calling for Council to consider options for a 12-month trial of a camping ground at Coast Road Foreshore adjacent to Sandpiper Beach.

“The goal is to boost tourist numbers to the Southern Moreton Bay Islands by providing a small-scale, free or low-cost camping experience for kayakers, cyclists and boaters,” Cr Edwards said.

“It is anticipated that the camp ground would be a maximum two-night (three-day) stay on the foreshore area with only tent sites available and no power, similar to the camp grounds at Lions Boulevard Park, Russell Island.

“Visitors to the island could kayak over and stay at the camp grounds, with portaloos on site. It is not intended that the camp grounds would be for caravans or motor homes.

“The intention would be for a local community group to run the camping ground on behalf of Council.

“This sandy beach at Coast Road Foreshore on Macleay Island is predominantly Council-owned property and has treed and grassed areas, walking tracks, and picnic settings – an ideal site for a low-key camping area.”

Cr Edwards said he had asked Council to consider how a camping ground might be approved, taking into account planning and local laws, risks and budget considerations.

“I have asked that officers research and prepare an options report for further consideration by 15 December 2021 for the proposed camping ground trial at 79-87 Coast Road, Macleay Island,” he said.

“I have received written support from the Macleay Island Progress Association, local group Running Wild and the Wooden Boat Association of Queensland for this small-scale camping ground, while the Tingira Boat Club has offered to provide portable toilets to Council free-of-charge during the trial.

“Running Wild has offered to help run the camp ground during the trial and Tingira Boat Club has also offered to help manage the trial. The fact a licensed club that offers meals and function space is on board will assist in supporting the trial.”

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Redland City seeks funding commitment for island master plan

Redland City Council has renewed its call to the State Government to lock in funding for key projects in North Stradbroke Island’s draft Gumpi (Dunwich) Master Plan (GDMP).

At its general meeting today, Council agreed to make a further submission on the draft plan, urging the State to make a firm commitment to deliver critical services and infrastructure and also consider key projects to be delivered through a future South East Queensland City Deal.

Mayor Karen Williams said that while Council was supportive of the master planning work undertaken so far, it was concerned the draft plan had been released for community consultation without addressing crucial issues raised many times by Council over several years.

“We are also concerned that no budget commitment has been outlined for a plan which will cost well over $100 million. There is no detailed implementation plan and no indication of the costs, delivery timeframes or funding sources despite our repeated requests,” Cr Williams said

“There’s not even an indication of who will be responsible for project delivery – another aspect of the process on which Council has unsuccessfully sought clarity.

“We simply cannot support the draft GDMP until these issues are addressed to ensure Minjerribah gets a plan which guarantees a real economic boost and real jobs for locals.

“Also absent is a commitment to the technical studies and planning needed to ensure the delivery of a sustainable, efficient and integrated barge and ferry terminal – something which is critical to the success of State Government’s economic transition strategy for the island.

“These need to be completed as a matter of urgency to determine whether the concept for the Junner Street terminal is both suitable and can actually be delivered.

“The draft master plan is a product of the State’s economic transition strategy for the island which was designed to lift the local economy, which is why it demands certainty in both funding and implementation.”

Cr Williams said Council would make representations to both the State and Federal governments asking for key projects identified in the Gumpi (Dunwich) Master Plan to be delivered through a future South East Queensland City Deal where appropriate.

“And we will be making representations to the State Government to emphasise Council’s commitment to working in partnership with it and the Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC) on delivery of the master plan,” Cr Williams said.

“We urge the State to re-establish the Minjerribah Ministerial Forum and invite us along to guide all this through.”

Councillor for North Stradbroke Island Peter Mitchell said the draft plan also needed to offer more clarity over the future of mining lease areas and the sand loading facility.

“A full understanding of what rehabilitation works are needed and alternative uses needs to be sufficiently advanced to ensure we know the extent of any contamination and the potential rehabilitation costs and responsibilities,” Cr Mitchell said.

“There is also no progress on a detailed structure planning of One-Mile despite both QYAC and Council reaffirming just how important this is. The State needs to meet its responsibilities in consulting and engaging directly with QYAC on One-Mile.

“It must commit to the identification and delivery of the critical services and infrastructure requirements required to support the One-Mile community at no cost to Council or the broader Redlands Coast community.”

Cr Williams said cost estimates to deliver five of the projects identified in the GDMP was already in the order of $100 million.

“But we still haven’t been informed what additional costs will be associated with other elements of the draft GDMP,” Cr Williams said.

“What we do know is that significant further investigations and planning work is required to more accurately understand potential delivery costs, as well as the on-going costs of management and maintenance and the critical infrastructure upgrades required to make the Junner Street ferry terminal an all-weather facility.

“For the GDMP projects to be delivered, it will almost certainly require substantial government funding commitments which we have yet to see.

“Without them, what confidence can the island community have that the key initiatives outlined in the draft plan will be delivered to support the island’s transition from mining to a tourism-based economy.”

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Council services reopening after COVID lockdown lifts and EKKA holiday arrives

Following the State Government’s announcement this morning that the South-East Queensland lockdown will end at 4pm today, most of Redland City Council services will resume on Tuesday 10 August after the Redlands Coast EKKA public holiday tomorrow on Monday 9 August. Limited services will be in operation tomorrow on the public holiday.

In line with the lockdown lifting, our playground and outdoor exercise equipment, skate parks, BMX tracks and public barbecues are no longer off limits to the community. Please be mindful of current State Government gathering limits of up to 10 people gathering in a public space.

Redland Performing Arts Centre will reopen on Tuesday however, for ticketed and seated shows only 50 per cent of the audience will be allowed, in line with restrictions. This may affect some performances and activities over the next two weeks.

Council services will reopen in line with the current State Government restrictions that remain in place for the next two weeks.

However, Council encourages residents to make full use of Council’s online and telephone services where they can.

Face masks and checking in are required.

Council services reopening on EKKA public holiday, Monday 9 August

Redland Animal Shelter will open from 9am to 12pm, and will return to normal operating days and times from Tuesday. Follow Redland Animal Shelter on Facebook.

Community halls and the tennis courts at Wellington Point will reopen to those with pre-existing bookings on Monday, with new bookings being accepted from Tuesday. In line with current gathering restrictions, there will be limits to the number of people allowed in our community halls at one time.

Cleveland Aquatic Centre will reopen from Monday. Visit the Cleveland Aquatic Centre website for opening hours.

Bin collection services and all Recycling and Waste Centre operations, which have continued throughout the lockdown will run as usual.

Council services reopening on Tuesday 10 August
Council services resuming regular operating hours on Tuesday include:
• All Council customer service centres
• Redland Performing Arts Centre (RPAC) box office. RPAC will operate with 50 per cent capacity with seated, ticket allocations. Follow RPAC on Facebook.
• Cleveland and Capalaba Art Galleries (RAG). Follow RAG on Facebook.
• All Council libraries. Follow Redland City Libraries on Facebook.
• IndigiScapes. Follow IndigiScapes on Facebook.
• Visitor Information Centre at Raby Bay Harbour Park.

Out of hours emergencies
For council-related emergencies, please phone 3829 8999.

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Redland City EKKA show holiday goes ahead this Monday 9 August

Redland City Council has asked the State Government to include Redland City in a proposed extra public holiday later this year after a State Government decision left Council with no time to consider changing this year’s Ekka Public Holiday.

Mayor Karen Williams said that, for the second year running, the State Government had failed to give affected local government areas adequate time to consider whether to change their show holiday date, following the unfortunate cancellation of the EKKA due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“Yesterday Council was provided only a few hours to make a decision and, with no General Meeting scheduled, formally agreeing on a change to the gazetted public holiday within the State’s timeframe was practically impossible,” Cr Williams said.

“To change our show holiday, Council would need to vote on a new resolution to override its 2013 decision to set all our future show holidays on the Monday of Brisbane Ekka week.

“It is disappointing that affected Councils in the region didn’t have time to consider bringing their own local government areas in line with Brisbane, which will have its public holiday postponed.

“As a result, some surrounding Councils have opted to stay with their planned show day.”

Mayor Williams said she was still looking for ways to support Redlands Coast residents with a holiday they could fully enjoy as well as the business community with the economic benefits this holiday would usual bring.

“Council has this morning written to the Office of Industrial Relations suggesting the State Government may wish to consider an additional public holiday for the affected 11 Council areas in the current COVID lockdown to coincide with the yet-to-be confirmed new Brisbane Show Holiday,” she said.

“The addition of a public holiday would be a decision for the State Government and I have also requested that they, in conjunction with local State MP’s, consult fully with the community, local business and Council and decide on an appropriate date that provides the most benefit to all.”

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Historic Willards Farm looks to the future within Birkdale Community Precinct

Maintenance work and an updated Conservation Management Plan (Heritage) are underway for the historic heritage-protected Willards Farm as its future place within Birkdale Community Precinct begins to take shape.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said a program of works was being prepared around future restoration priorities for the site, which is one of the oldest surviving farms and residences on Redlands Coast, believed to date back to the 1870s.

“Works were completed recently to help stabilise the structural integrity of the farmhouse’s main supports,” Cr Williams said.

Historic heritage-protected Willards Farm at Birkdale Community Precinct.

“This is such a well-loved and important property in terms of our city’s European history and it will no doubt become a jewel in the crown of Birkdale Community Precinct as we go forward.

“On-site investigations have been completed as part of developing the updated conservation management plan for Willards Farm.

“There also will be maintenance work carried out on some of the farm’s significant trees in coming months.”

Cr Williams said that as well as Willards Farm, Birkdale Community Precinct’s protected heritage areas included the former World War II radio receiving station built in 1943 by the US Army Signals Corp and its associated rhombic array of radio antennas.

“The heritage values of this precinct are incredibly important, genuinely fascinating and will be protected,” Cr Williams said.

Division 10 Councillor Paul Bishop said Willards Farm, aka The Pines, held a special place in both history and the heart of the Birkdale community.

“There are so many heritage values tied up in this place, there are gateways to knowledge and ongoing stories of significance yet to be explored here,” Cr Bishop said.

The original homestead and surrounding buildings, such as the milking shed and creamery, help to anchor the entire Birkdale Community Precinct within its early European and pioneer context.

“The place is of so much value to future generations it cannot be underestimated.

“The structures were built by the Willards using simple bush carpentry techniques made from local timbers felled on site, including white beech, swamp beech, cedar and pine.

“The exact date the homestead was constructed is uncertain but it was likely around 1876 when owners James and Margaret Willard took out a mortgage on the land they had owned and farmed since 1865.”

An early photo of the Willards farmhouse in Birkdale.

Cr Williams said Council bought the property at 302 Old Cleveland Road East, Birkdale, in March 2016 following community concern that the site was subject to a development approval for subdivision into residential allotments.

“Once Willards Farm was saved, Council worked long and hard to negotiate the purchase of the neighbouring 61-hectares of Commonwealth land,” she said.

“The Commonwealth had indicated this land was tagged as surplus. As such, it also was in threat of being subdivided into residential allotments, with the Government suggesting it could accommodate 400 houses.

“Council managed to secure the purchase of the land in December 2019.

“The combined properties now form Birkdale Community Precinct.

“It is such a large property that a large number of uses and facilities can be accommodated without impacting on the precinct’s heritage values.

“Other uses will also bring attention and appreciation to the heritage-listed sites that it contains.”

Cr Williams said a vision document for the precinct was currently being prepared and would be presented to Council shortly.

“The document will include high level, aspirational concepts for Willards Farm and its surrounding land to reflect ideas as suggested by the community during Council’s seven-week community engagement program earlier this year,” she said

Some of the ideas put forward for Willards Farm by the community include ventures such as farmers’ market place, bush food gardens, a café or restaurant, paddock-to-plate dining experiences, and an agrifarm experience demonstrating traditional and contemporary farming methods.

Further community consultation will occur at the master planning stage, Cr Williams said.

For more information on Birkdale Community Precinct go to:

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Council playgrounds, exercise equipment off-limits during lockdown

Redland City Council playground and exercise equipment, skate parks, BMX tracks, public barbecues and tennis courts have joined the list of places off-limits to the public during the current COVID-19 lockdown, that was today extended to 4pm on Sunday 8 August 2021.

The Queensland Government announced today that the lockdown would be extended by another five days in 11 local government areas across south-east Queensland, including Redland City.

Due to the high risk of COVID-19 transmission, and as required by the State Government, residents must not use Council playground or exercise equipment, skate parks, BMX tracks or public barbecues during the lockdown. The Council-operated Wellington Point Tennis Courts on Birkdale Road are also closed to the public.

Council’s essential services will continue to operate as usual, other services are operating online and some have closed for the lockdown.

Council’s NAIDOC Cultural Celebration at Raby Bay Harbour Park that was planned for this Saturday, 7 August has been cancelled. It had already been postponed from an earlier date due to a previous lockdown.

The following Redland City Council services have moved online or are closed to the public for the duration of the lockdown, pending further advice from the Queensland Government:

Council’s Customer Service Centres
Customer Service Centres at Cleveland, Capalaba and Victoria Point will be closed for the duration of the lockdown, but Council’s online and telephone services will continue.

Council’s Customer Contact Centre is available for all phone enquiries on (07) 3829 8999 Monday to Friday, 8am–5pm, excluding public holidays.

Urgent requests that cannot be performed over the telephone or via email can be requested by contacting Council’s customer contact centre to make an appointment.

Redland Libraries are closed but online services will continue, including e-books, e-audio books, e-magazines, music, movies and children’s stories.

For those with children at home, you might like to make use of the Libraries online story time each morning at 9.30am.

Return chutes are closed, with loan and hold periods extended.  No late fees will be incurred.  To access digital library services, visit our website or download the app from the App Store or Play Store.

Art Galleries
Council’s Art Galleries are closed for the duration of the lockdown.


Redland Performing Arts Centre is closed for the duration of the lockdown. All scheduled performances and workshops have been postponed.  See RPAC website for latest performance updates.

IndigiScapes Centre

Visitor Information Centre
While the Visitor Information Centre at Raby Bay is closed, information is still available by phone on 1300 667 386; or visit the Redlands Coast website.

Redland Animal Shelter
The gates to Redland Animal Shelter are closed, with onsite staff available for appointments and emergency drop-offs only.

Community halls
Indoor venues, including community halls, are closed.

Public swimming pools
Cleveland Aquatic Centre is closed. Bay Islands Aquatic Centre is already closed for winter.

RecycleWorld at Redland Bay Recycling and Waste Centre is closed.

Recycling and Waste Centres

While Council’s Recycling and Waste Centres remain open, Council urges residents to avoid generating unnecessary waste and avoid visiting the facilities unless absolutely necessary. Physical distancing, wearing a face mask, and safety requirements apply.

For the latest health information, visit the Queensland Health website.

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