A competition that speaks volumes

The 25th National Town Crier Championships will take place in Redland City next month as part of the city’s annual RedFest spring festival.

Meet Redland City's Town Crier Max Bisset!

Meet Redland City’s Town Crier Max Bisset!

Town criers from around the country and New Zealand will compete for the championship title at the Norm Price Park, Redland Showgrounds on Saturday 3 September, from 9.30am.

Competition will be tough this year as the special silver anniversary event has attracted the largest number of competitors in the event’s history, proving that the art of town crying is flourishing.

Redland City is proud to host the championship this year, which is set to be a showcase of unique historical flavour. Four special guest judges will evaluate contenders on poise, bearing, confidence, sustained volume, inflection and word content. Each entrant’s competitive host cry must have a local flavour and talk about the history and diversity of the Redlands.

We invite all Redlanders to come along to RedFest from 2-4 September and join in the spirit of what makes the Redlands the best place to live, work and play.

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