Local law consultation for footpath dining, pools, events and accommodation parks

Council will run public consultation in January 2023 on amendments to four local laws covering footpath dining, accommodation parks, swimming pools and temporary entertainment events.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the proposed amendments followed a thorough review process.

“The details of the four proposed amendments outlined at this week’s General Meeting will be submitted for public consultation from 16 January 2023,” Cr Williams said.

“The review process identified opportunities to remove irrelevant conditions or requirements that don’t reflect current business and industry practices.

“These changes are designed to improve approval processes, such as for footpath dining, and remove duplication and red tape like the requirement to regulate accommodation parks with only self-contained caravans or recreational vehicles.

“The more transparent provisions in Subordinate Local Law 1.2 for footpath dining will help better outline approval requirements, documentation, and public liability for applicants.

“Like footpath dining, businesses and organisations wanting to operate temporary entertainment events under Subordinate Local Law 1.12 will have access to updated approval requirements and conditions.”

Cr Williams said while many of the proposed changes were minor, they would help contribute to sensible community and business outcomes.

“By including self-contained caravans and recreational vehicles in accommodation that does not require approval under Subordinate Local Law 1.8 makes practical sense.

“So does removing outdated requirements for assessing accommodation park rules.

“The proposed amendments will still ensure public safety and amenity such as requirements for submitting evacuation plans while removing provisions already covered in other legislation.”

In addition to 21-day consultation on the four proposed amendments, the proposals will include public interest test plans prepared in accordance with the National Competition Policy Guidelines for local laws.

Amendments proposed to four local laws will be submitted for public consultation in January 2023.