Update as at 11.35am, Thursday 20 October 2022 – Water restored

Water has now been restored across all areas of the city, although there may still be some low pressure in areas and some pockets of air that could affect a small number of premises.

Council is currently flushing pipes with hydrants to clear dirty water within the pipes.

There will likely be discoloured water coming from taps on Coochiemudlo Island and parts of Victoria Point and Redland Bay.

The water is safe however Council strongly urges residents to run their taps until the water is clear.

There is no need to boil water.

Council has this morning completed a series of work arounds to restore water to Coochiemudlo Island and parts of Victoria Point and Redland Bay after a fault on a pressure-releasing valve caused water outages and low pressure last night and this morning.

Council is still working on repairs for the faulty valve on Giles Road, Redland Bay.


Previous update as at 9.57am, Thursday 20 October 2022

Coochiemudlo Island and parts of Victoria Point and Redland Bay continue to experience water loss or water pressure issues due to the failure last night of a pressure-reducing valve on a water main on Giles Road, Redland Bay.

Council crews and contractors are on site continuing investigations and repairs. The current expectation is that it can be repaired today.

Council crews have installed a bypass around the faulty valve, however it does not allow the same high level of water flow as the larger main, resulting in reduced flow, particularly at peak periods of water use such as in the morning and evenings.

Some properties in higher areas, or that receive water that travels first to high areas, are generally more affected as the low water pressure in the system impacts the ability of water to travel uphill in the pipelines.

As the valve is repaired, air in the pipelines may lead to some discoloured water coming from your taps. If this is experienced, residents are encouraged to run their taps to flush their internal plumbing until the water is clear.

Council apologises for this inconvenience and is working to get it rectified as soon as possible.