Redlands Coast welcomes new citizens at Australian Citizenship Day ceremony

This year’s Australian Citizenship Day proved extra special on Redlands Coast when 133 residents from 35 countries made a pledge to become citizens.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the new citizens were welcomed at a ceremony on Saturday 17 September at Redland Performing Arts Centre.

“They now join the other 224 Redlands Coast residents who have become new Aussie citizens this year,” she said.

“This ceremony was especially significant as it fell on Australian Citizenship Day, when we can all reflect on the meaning and importance of Australian citizenship and our shared identify, which unites us all while respecting our diversity.

“Whether we are citizens through birth or by choice, it is an opportunity to celebrate our democratic values and take pride in our citizenship.”

Jane Greer, formerly of the United Kingdom, became an Australian citizen on 17 September.

Deputy Mayor Julie Talty welcomed the new citizens and also paid tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

“Her Majesty was a constant reminder of the true meaning of service, integrity and courage, and she was admired around the world, especially here in Queensland,” Cr Talty said.

She encouraged all new citizens to remember and honour their history as it added to the richness of their new lives and the lives of their fellow Australians.

“I also encourage our residents to be active citizens, by getting involved in your community and displaying the values of respect, inclusion and helping others,” Cr Talty said.

For photos from the event, go to Redland City Council’s website.