Trail users asked to ‘bail’ and avoid ‘shredding’ popular trails in the wet

Redlands Coast residents are again being urged to stay out of local conservation areas to prevent further damage to waterlogged tracks and trails.

With heavy falls having occurred across the southeast in the past two days, there is concern that water-soaked tracks and trails will be damaged, which takes time, effort and substantial cost to repair.

Several popular tracks and trails had to be closed in March this year for a number of months, taking them out of action for users when the good conditions returned.

Using wet trails can cause substantial damage, spoiling the experience of other users and meaning extra repairs and maintenance costs for Council.

By encouraging residents to stay off all conservation area tracks and trails until they dry out Council hopes to minimise the damage and need for further closures.

The Redlands Coast is a growing destination in the southeast for its high-quality and popular tracks and trails, including many areas developed over the years with the support of volunteers and users.

Council hopes this same spirit of collaboration will help ensure the damage is minimised and the tracks remain in good condition for all users.

Council officers will continue to assess the condition of tracks, including water across tracks, damage and erosion, to prioritise repairs and maintenance once the areas have dried out.