Hazardous waste campaign targets ‘dangers in disguise’

Redlands Coast residents have been urged to ensure they don’t leave “dangers in disguise” in their household bins and dispose of hazardous waste appropriately.

Acting Mayor Julie Talty said there were safe and easy alternatives for residents who wanted to dispose of potentially dangerous materials and items, including asbestos, lithium and household batteries, flares. EPIRBS and gas bottles.

“When hazardous items such as these end up in the wrong place the results can pose a serious risk to the community, as well as being damaging to the environment and Council collection vehicles,” Cr Talty said.

“They can cause potentially life-threatening fires and put Council collection services drivers, other road users and residents in the vicinity at serious risk.

“The unsafe disposal and illegal dumping of material such as asbestos also poses a significant safety risk to the dumper as well as anyone who comes across it so, please, play it safe and ensure all dangerous materials are disposed of properly.”

Redland City Council has launched a community campaign to raise awareness of the issue and where residents can safely dispose of dangerous goods.

“We need residents to understand the importance of safe disposal to themselves and their community and be aware that they have Redland City Council and community drop-off points where they can easily take hazardous waste,” Cr Talty said.

“The campaign includes a focus on the safe disposal of asbestos at Recycling and Waste centres, as well as how to properly dispose of the likes of lithium batteries, gas bottles, flares and EPIRBS which should never, ever be placed in your kerbside bins.”

She said residents could take asbestos, suspected asbestos and fibre cement sheeting free of charge to Council’s gated Recycling and Waste Centres.

“It will need to be double-wrapped in 0.2mm thick plastic and duct tape prior to arrival and declared at the gatehouse before being unloaded by hand into the designated bins,” Cr Talty said.

“Before handling asbestos make sure you check how to do so safely by going to www.asbestos.qld.gov.au.”

Empty gas bottles can also be taken to a Council Recycling and Waste Centre.

Information on where to dispose of flares and EPIRBS can be found at the Maritime Safety website at www.msq.qld.gov.au.

For places to take batteries, check b-cycle.com.au.

For more information go to Waste and Recycling at www.redland.qld.gov.au.