Council gets tick of approval for managing essential assets and services during recent heavy rains

Redland City Council’s management of the impact of the recent heavy rainfall on some of its major assets has received positive feedback from officers from the Department of Environment and Science (DES) following recent site inspections.

Mayor Karen Williams said DES officers visited multiple Redland City Council sites over a number of days to follow up on the city’s handling of the extraordinary weather event in late February – early March.

“Redland City Council staff were complimented for the efficiency, diligence and professionalism shown in preparing for the event and the actions taken overall as a management response to what was a destructive and massively disruptive event for south east Queensland,” said Cr Williams.

“It’s pleasing for Council to receive a positive response to our good management with site staff and managers showcasing the excellent capabilities of our staff and proactive responses.”

DES staff toured the city from March 14 to 22, visiting a total of 11 venues – seven waste water treatment plants on the mainland and on North Stradbroke Island, two recycling and waste centres and closed landfill venues which are major sports and recreation sites, Judy Holt Park at Birkdale and Sharks Football Club at Victoria Point.

Mayor Williams said staff had worked hard and diligently to manage key assets such as waste water treatment plants and recycling centres to ensure there was minimal disruption to the city’s services and minimise impacts to the environment.

“These responses ensured that there was minimal disruption to the venues and by taking the right actions, normal operations were resumed in the shortest time possible.

“Residents can be assured our city’s waste water treatment plants and recycling centres are in good hands.”  she said.

Among the venues that were inspected were wastewater plants at Capalaba and Point Lookout and the Birkdale Recycling and Waste Centre where the integrity of the ponds was maintained.