Council will advocate for more support from Federal Government

Redland City Council will advocate for greater Commonwealth support on behalf of the community during a national congress of Councils being held in Canberra later this year.

At today’s General Meeting, Councillors endorsed a series of motions to be tabled at the Australian Local Government Association’s National General Assembly in June.

“These motions shine a light on a range of local matters we need Federal Government support for and, on behalf of our community, we will take up the case in Canberra to ensure the Federal Government understands these needs,” Cr Williams said.

“Our motions include more support to combat the current housing pressures being experienced across the country, including social housing assistance and homelessness support.

“We know Redlands Coast has areas of socio economic disadvantage and we have seen anecdotal evidence of increased homelessness and people sleeping rough, which we need Federal Government support to combat.

“We will also table a motion calling for direct funding to assist Councils in supporting their local koala populations, including our own bluetooth-based Koala Watch and supporting efforts to combat disease in the local koala population.

“With the Federal Government listing koalas as endangered earlier this year we believe there is an opportunity for them to partner with Council to support our on the ground initiatives that have already proven to deliver positive outcomes. “

Cr Williams said Council would also table two motions seeking increased Federal Government support for Council, local businesses, community and sporting groups.

“We know local business has done it tough in recent years with the COVID pandemic, and we also know that a series of natural disasters has taken a toll, not only on businesses but also sporting and community groups,” she said.

“For some this has had a financial impact, while others have felt the social and mental health effects and in response we will seek increased support to ensure our local businesses, sporting and community groups can continue to support our residents.

“We will again also ask other Councils from across the country to join us in advocating for the Federal Government to return Federal Assistance Grants to one per cent of national taxation, as was the case previously.

“Currently local government only receives three per cent of national taxation.

“We want to see more financial support flow from Canberra to our local community, and returning Federal Assistance Grants to one per cent of national taxation would provide about $4 million more for local parks, footpaths and roads.”