Stay vigilant as extreme weather continues

Redland City Council Mayor and Chair of the Redland Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG) Karen Williams has urged residents to remain vigilant, stay off the roads and out of flood waters as severe weather continues to impact Redlands Coast.

High tide this morning, combined with heavy rainfall, has caused additional flooding on the city’s foreshores; and intense rainfall is forecast to continue tracking south along the coast and into northern New South Wales today.

Wind gusts of up to 90km/h are expected along coastal fringes, including on Redlands Coast.

Redlands LDMG remains at Stand Up status, ensuring Redland City Council’s disaster management operations continue to be mobilised across the city.

Overnight, Redland SES crews completed 63 jobs, including tarping of houses and sandbagging properties.

Redland City Council crews overnight have responded to 25 calls from the public, as well as closing flooded roads, removing fallen trees, and replacing lifted stormwater and sewer manhole lids, which are designed to lift when there is excessive water in the system.

They have also been tiger-meshing the area in situations where the lids cannot yet be replaced due to the excess water.

Motorists are advised to be on alert for the potential of lifted manhole covers, which can occur at any time and are noticeable by the overflow of water in a particular area of a road.

As the severe weather continues, the community is urged to be mindful of the ongoing risk of fallen trees or powerlines.

Do not attempt to move these.

If trees are seen fallen on Council property, such as parks or on roads, contact Redland City Council on 3829 8999.

For assistance with trees that have fallen on private property and causing issues, contact the SES on 132 500.

Stay away from fallen powerlines, warn others, and contact Energex on 13 19 62.


Sandbagging stations across the city have been extended to 6pm today, Sunday 27 February, with 5000 sandbags having been given out across Redlands Coast since stations were opened on the mainland and islands on Wednesday.

Sandbagging stations are open at the following locations (enclosed shoes must be worn):

  • Council Depot Cleveland: 199-205 South Street – today, Sunday 27 February until 6pm
  • Council Depot Dunwich: 11-37 Mitchell Crescent, Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) – open 24/7
  • Council Depot Russell Island: 6 Cambridge Road, Russell Island – open 24/7
  • Council Depot Macleay Island: 22-24 Scarborough Road, Macleay Island – open 24/7

Ferry cancellations

  • The 6pm vehicle ferry from Cleveland to North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) has been cancelled.
  • The 7pm vehicle ferry departing Dunwich has been cancelled.
  • There are currently no changes to ferry services to and from the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

For information on these services, visit

Roads impacted

A number of local roads remain closed due to flooding or impacted, and motorists are urged to avoid these areas. Remember, if it’s flooded, forget it!

Local roads closed or impacted include:

  • Avalon Road, Sheldon
  • Allan Day Drive, Wellington Point
  • Mary Street, Birkdale
  • Collingwood Road, Birkdale (Cnr Spoonbill)
  • Mary Pleasant Drive, Birkdale
  • Mergowie Drive, Cleveland
  • Moores Road, Redland Bay
  • Pitt and Nelson Roads, Wellington Point
  • Tulloch Drive and Redgrove Avenue, Wellington Point
  • Anson Road, Wellington Point
  • Kingfisher/Springacre Road, Thornlands
  • Rickertt Road, Birkdale


The following Redlands Coast parks/facilities are closed due to flooding:

  • Regional Park, Capalaba
  • John Frederick’s Park, including greyhound track, rugby and soccer fields, Capalaba
  • Mount Cotton Community Park, Mount Cotton

Please avoid using tracks and trails in Council conservation areas.

Recycling and Waste Centres

Council’s Recycling and Waste Centres at Birkdale and Redland Bay will remain temporarily closed today, Sunday 27 February. Gated island tips at North Stradbroke Island, Russell Island, Macleay Island and Coochiemudlo Island are also closed today.

Creative Arts

Redland Performing Arts Centre and Redland Art Gallery will be temporarily closed today, Sunday 27 February due to the extreme weather.

All performances, workshops and events scheduled for today at these venues have been cancelled.

Venue staff are currently contacting patrons with tickets and bookings to advise them of the closures.


IndigiScapes Centre at Capalaba is closed today, Sunday 27 February.

Aquatic Centres

Cleveland Aquatic Centre and Bay Islands Aquatic Centre at Russell Island is closed today, Sunday 27 February.


Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ) has closed all beaches in south-east Queensland, including the SLSQ flagged beaches on North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah) – Main, Cylinder and Adder Rock beaches.


There are currently Optus outages reported at Cleveland and on Russell Island.

Need assistance?

Call the SES on 132 500 to log a job, which will be prioritised and tasked. This will help ensure our most vulnerable in the community are addressed as a priority.

Call Triple Zero (000) immediately if the situation is life-threatening.

Contact Energex on 13 19 62 to report fallen powerlines. Remember to stay clear and warn others.

Contact Council on 3829 8999 to report fallen branches on public spaces across the city.

Please be mindful of conditions when outdoors. Queensland Fire and Emergency Services advises that people should:

  • Never drive, walk or ride through flood waters. If it’s flooded, forget it.
  • Seek shelter, preferably indoors and never under trees.
  • Avoid using the telephone during a thunderstorm.
  • Beware of fallen trees and powerlines.

For the latest advice and emergency warnings:

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