Redlands Coast celebrates 20,000 green waste bin milestone

A green milestone has been reached with 20,000 green waste bins now in use across Redlands Coast.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams presented local resident Michelle Sullivan with her new bin, the city’s 20,000th, and thanked her for joining the growing green bin brigade.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams presents Michelle Sullivan, left, with a thankyou hamper from IndigiScapes and her green waste bin, the 20,000th now in use in Redlands Coast.

“People like Michelle are really making a difference because the contents of green bins is turned into new enriching organic products, such as soils, soil enhancers and mulch,” Cr Williams said.

“It helps weed out unnecessary waste going into landfill.

“Currently, about a third of the material put into kerbside general waste bins could be diverted to household green waste bins. So every new green waste bin in service is a step in the right direction towards a zero waste future.”

Cr Williams said approximately 6,300 tonnes (or 6.3 million kgs) of green waste was collected from the kerbside collection service last financial year (2020/2021) from mainland houses across Redlands Coast.

To thank the community for an amazing effort, 50 Redlands Coast residents who had a green waste bin were randomly selected to win an IndigiScapes voucher worth $50 each. The winners were announced during National Recycling Week and have been contacted about their prize.

Green waste bins can be ordered online from Council’s website or by calling 3829 8999.

 What you can put in your green bin:

  • Garden prunings
  • Grass clippings (do not bag if using a green waste bin)
  • Shrubs
  • Weeds and flowers
  • Leaves and loose bark
  • Sawdust
  • Small branches or soft wood (no larger than 75cm in length or 10cm in diameter)

To find out what happens to your green waste, go to Council’s website.