Residents urged to sort their recyclables correctly

Redlands Coast residents are being urged to keep an eye on what they throw out and where they put it.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said approximately 16 per cent of the household general waste collected each week is made up of materials that could have been recycled.

“Redlands Coast generates 42,369 tonnes of general waste annually from kerbside wheelie bin collections. Some 6,779 tonnes, or approximately 16 per cent of that, is made up of recyclable materials that are unnecessarily going into landfill,” Cr Williams said.

“That’s equivalent to 917 extra waste trucks or 1.8 Olympic size swimming pools of recyclable material going literally to waste.

“When you think about what should go in your recycling bin, think about newspaper, paper, cardboard, glass jars and bottles, tin cans, and hard plastic items such as milk bottles, fruit punnets and takeaway containers.

“When clean and emptied, these items can all be recycled by placing them in the yellow-lid recycling bins.

“So let’s all watch our waste lines and be the sort of people who sort correctly.”

The breakdown of the 16 per cent of wasted weekly recyclables includes: paper/cardboard 9.6 per cent; hard plastics 3.39 per cent; metals 1.32 per cent; and glass 1.01 per cent.