Redland Art Gallery hosts antiques roadshow-style events

Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland is inviting residents to bring in their artworks, antiques and collectibles for appraisal at two antiques roadshow-style events.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the Art and Collectibles valuation days in September and October offered residents the opportunity to sit down with a panel of art and antique experts and learn more about a special item from home.

“This is a fun way to be involved in our very own antiques roadshow-style event on Redlands Coast,” Cr Williams said.

“Members of the public can bring in any two personal items ranging from artworks, photographs, antiques and vintage collectibles, to learn more about their history and value.

“It is also a great opportunity to talk to highly-regarded experts in the art and antiques industry, be amazed by what other people bring in, and gain a new appreciation for art and antique collections.”

RAG Director Emma Bain said this was the first time the gallery had hosted an event of this type.

“We have had a lot of enquiries from gallery visitors over the years in relation to the appraisal of artworks and antiques they have in their homes,” Ms Bain said.

“We are expecting the valuation days to be popular, not just in putting a value on the items but providing information on when and where they were created.”

The expert panel includes Rob Metcalfe from Bayside Antiques and Collectables Centre in Cleveland; Catherine Ricketts and Kevin Parker from Nudgee Road Antiques; and Ross Searle and John Walsh, art valuers under the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program.

The valuation days will offer 10 minute sessions on Sunday 12 September and Sunday 10 October. Bookings are essential.

If items are large or very fragile, residents are asked to bring a photograph instead.

The Art and Collectibles days will operate under a COVID-safe plan which includes attendees wearing masks and physically distancing.


What: Art and Collectibles at RAG

Where: Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland

When: Sunday 12 September and 10 October from 9am-1.30pm

Cost: $10 per session

Information and bookings: