Water supply to shut down on Macleay and Lamb islands to complete new pipeline installation

The Queensland Government’s bulk water supply authority Seqwater has advised it will need to shut down the water supply to Macleay and Lamb islands overnight on Saturday 14 August 2021 to complete the installation of a new pipeline between Macleay and Lamb islands.

The water supply to these islands will be shut down from 7.30pm on Saturday and is expected to be restored on Sunday morning.

Residents and visitors are advised to begin preparing for the shutdown by filling suitable containers with drinking water, storing water in the bathtub to be used for toilet flushing, and planning to shower or bathe before 7.30pm on Saturday.

Seqwater has also advised there will be some noise impacts for residents close to the work sites on both islands.

When water supply is restored, there may be some air in water pipes or discoloured water when people first turn on their taps, in which case running the water for 2-3 minutes will allow it to clear. The water will be safe to drink.

People may also notice hydrants with flowing water as the water supply is restored and the repaired main is flushed. This is a necessary part of the works, and residents and visitors are asked to not approach the hydrants or attempt to turn them off.

The new pipeline will be installed by Seqwater contractors, with Redland City Council officers flushing the pipeline in order to remove any air and complete water quality checks once the installation is complete on Sunday morning.

Residents who have urgent water enquiries during the water supply shutdown period can contact Redland City Council on 3829 8999.

For enquiries about the new pipeline replacement, contact Seqwater on 1300 737 928 or visit the project page on the Seqwater website.