Council reopens public participation at general meetings

Redland City Council is set to re-open its doors for public participation at general meetings, allowing community members to once again address Council regarding community matters.

Mayor Karen Williams said public participation would restart from 19 May 2021 following its COVID-19-related suspension last year.

“This is in line with Council’s commitment to providing wider public access to Council decision-making, including the ability to address Council about community matters,” Cr Williams said.

“The Redlands Coast community, and Queensland more broadly, has coped well with the pandemic, so it is time to reassess the viability of transitioning back to business-as-usual for general meetings.

“From 19 May, Council will dedicate 15 minutes to public participation, with five-minute sessions being allocated to three separate speakers.

“The sessions still need to be time limited so we can adhere to Queensland Health directives.

“At this stage the public gallery still remains closed due to current COVID-19 social distancing restrictions.

“Meeting audio and video will continue to be made available on Council’s website as soon as is practical after each general meeting.

“Once more restrictions start to lift, we can then consider opening back up fully.”

Cr Williams said access to the booking system for general meetings could be found on Council’s website.

“Confirmations will be provided by close of business on the Monday preceding the general meeting,” she said.

“The booking will also detail the COVID-19 requirements.”