Feral cat control program planned for Russell Island

Redland City Council will soon begin a feral cat control program on Council-owned land on Russell Island following concerns from the local community.

Mayor Karen Williams said that across Australia, feral cats were a major threat to native animals, having directly contributed to the extinction of more than 20 species of Australian mammals and put pressure on at least 124 species endangered with extinction.

“Island wildlife is particularly vulnerable when populations of introduced species get out of kilter,” Cr Williams said.

“On Russell Island, feral cat control will help protect the native water mouse (Xeromys myoides), glossy black-cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus lathami), wallum froglet (Crinia tinnula) and various small shorebirds that call the island home.

“Feral cats could also harm and introduce disease to domesticated cats.”

Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards said Council’s feral cat control program on Russell Island would start in late March 2021.

“All Russell Island residents have received a flyer in their letterboxes, outlining the program and the obligations of cat ownership on Redlands Coast,” he said.

“Cats need to be microchipped and kept on your property.

“Every effort will be taken to identify domesticated cats that may have escaped their yard, including looking for collar identification, registration and scanning for a microchip.

“Cats with a microchip will be taken to the Redland Animal Shelter where attempts will be made to contact their owners.

“Cats without a microchip will be assessed for suitability for re-homing.”