Council to move to tender for Macleay Island industrial land

Redland City Council is supporting the Southern Moreton Bay Island economy by inviting tenders for industrial use of Council-owned land at 20-24 Kate Street, Macleay Island.

The decision follows a widely promoted eighty-day Expression of Interest (EOI) process conducted between March and May this year.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the EOI showed Council’s commitment to growing the local economy.

“We know our Southern Moreton Bay Islands have an active local economy and this process will see Council work with potential partners to find ways to grow it,” Cr Williams said.

“Eleven inquiries were received in response to our expression of interest, with four parties submitting proposals to use the industrial land.

“We will now invite tenders from shortlisted EOI applicants to see what exciting outcomes can be delivered.”

Cr Williams said Council’s broad EOI approach deliberately avoided specifying a preferred ‘type’ of industrial development.

“The EOI was designed to allow the market to be as creative as possible and devise proposals that suited the industrial needs of Macleay Island.

“The response to the EOI shows the islands hold significant opportunity for industrial uses and cements Council’s commitment to supporting a vibrant local economy for the Southern Moreton Bay Islands (SMBI).

“The process has been intentionally designed to identify opportunities to partner with the private sector to develop and commercialise this Council-owned site to accommodate local businesses.

“While details are presently commercial in confidence I am confident the next phase will deliver a positive solution that will help grow the local economy and offer opportunities for the local community.”