Seqwater media release: Investigations on reported Karragarra Island water main burst underway

Seqwater crews are investigating a report of a burst water pipe on Karragarra Island.

The burst was reported to Seqwater at 8.45am 1 September 2020.

Seqwater and Redland City Council crews are being deployed to Karragarra Island to investigate the cause and extent of the problem.

The first step will be to drain the water around the burst water main so crews can inspect the pipeline.

This is expected to take most of the day.

Seqwater will determine the repair work required once the pipe is assessed.

Repair work is expected to take place tonight and will require an overnight shutdown of water supply to Karragarra, Macleay and Lamb islands from 8pm tonight.

Water supply is expected to be switched back on by 6am tomorrow.

This will be followed by restoration work at the site.

Residents on Karragarra, Macleay and Lamb islands are not expected to experience any water supply issues prior to the shutdown.

Residents are advised to begin preparing for an overnight water shutdown by:
• filling suitable containers with drinking water and storing them in the fridge
• storing water in the bathtub that can be used for toilet flushing
• planning to shower or bathe early this evening or later tomorrow morning

Once water is restored, there may be some air in residential pipes or some slightly cloudy water when residents first turn on their tap.

Residents are advised to let the water run for 2 to 3 minutes to clear.

The tap water will be safe to drink.

As the repaired main is flushed, residents may notice hydrants with flowing water – this is necessary to flush pipelines.

Please do not approach the hydrants or attempt to turn them off.

More details and updates will be provided as information becomes available.

For more information, contact 1300 737 928 or visit