Coastal strategy progress and survey update

Redland City Council is inviting the community to visit its Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy (CHAS) project webpage to view the community survey results and an update on the project.

The CHAS is a city-wide strategy for the city’s coastline and islands that will assess the vulnerability of infrastructure, assets, and property to coastal hazards.

It will also recommend actions for adapting to the challenges now and into the future.

Mayor Karen Williams said the project update followed Council’s community survey in June 2020.

“The survey is helping to inform the CHAS,” she said.

“Community members will be able to download a project fact sheet that provides an update on the strategy’s progress to date and provide their feedback, if they wish.”

Cr Williams, who also chairs the project’s steering committee, said that due to COVID-19 restrictions, engagement activities would be held online via the project’s page on Council’s Your Say website until further notice.

“It is important that we all work together to help keep everyone safe during these times, and I encourage community members to visit the project’s page to submit any questions or comments via the ‘Ask a Question’ tab,” she said.

“By reading the updated information, the community can see the strategy’s development so far and the work being done on Council’s comprehensive plan to assist current and future climate adaptation work.”

Cr Williams said the CHAS was scheduled for completion in early 2021 and community members would have an opportunity to provide feedback on the final draft CHAS in November this year.

To see the update, new September 2020 Project Update fact sheet, and to have your say, visit the project’s page at