Council seeks explanation from State for Redland Bay area in urban footprint

Redland City Council has asked for an explanation from the State Government as to why they included a Redland Bay area in the urban footprint of the SEQ Regional Plan, before Councillors decide if they will support structure planning to consider future urban development in the area.

Deputy Mayor Cr Julie Talty said Council passed an urgent item at this week’s Council meeting calling for the explanation following a request for a structure plan to be developed for the Southern Redland Bay Expansion Area.

“Councillors have been asked if they support developers progressing a structure plan for the Southern Redland Bay Expansion Area, which is bounded by Kidd Street, Serpentine Creek Road and the Shoreline project,” she said.

“This area is zoned rural in our city plan, so Council wants to ensure the best outcomes for the area and would like to know why the State Government has decided it should be included in the urban footprint at this time; effectively nominating it for an urban use.

“We are frustrated by the State Government deciding parts of the city should be made available for residential growth without the necessary infrastructure to support it and, on behalf of the community, we are asking for an explanation.

“In their SEQ Regional Plan submission report the State Government claims the area was included in the urban footprint because Council nominated it for investigation in our draft city plan; but what they fail to point out is that this investigation was a Ministerial Direction from the State Government, which they then followed by including it in the urban footprint.”

This week’s decision was made after Division 2 Councillor Peter Mitchell moved an urgent item without notice to write to the State Government, which focussed on ensuring State infrastructure matched the growth required by the State Government.

“Council is tired of being forced to accept growth by the State without the necessary State infrastructure to support it and today’s decision is about taking a stand on behalf of our community,” Cr Mitchell said.

“The State made the decision to include this area in the urban footprint so it is incumbent on them to explain why to the community and how they intend to provide the infrastructure needed to support it.

“Following their response we will then consider whether we support a structure plan in the area, focussing on ensuring infrastructure supports the area.”