Council’s grants program to address COVID-19 crisis

Redland City Council has released a $370,000 grants package to support local community organisations and businesses impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mayor Karen Williams said the COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Grants Program followed a Council decision to repurpose existing grants within this year’s remaining budget to help meet some of the financial challenges arising for community groups and businesses from COVID-19.

“This grants program is all about getting our local businesses and community groups the help they need to continue serving the community,” Cr Williams said.

“The first stream is aimed at providing support to community organisations that are assisting people directly impacted by the crisis.

“These organisations are eligible for grants of up to $10,000 to support their efforts.

“We are aware that many community members are doing it tough at the moment, whether it be through job loss, isolation, homelessness or other COVID-19 impacts, and we are pleased to be able to back community organisations that are supporting these people.”

Cr Williams said the second stream would support local businesses in critical need of support due to the impact of COVID-19 with grants of up to $1000 per business for professional advice.

“There are a number of stimulus measures available for businesses, but we know the information can be confusing and when you are financially and emotionally stressed it can be even more difficult to know what you are and aren’t eligible for,” she said.

“This funding will help businesses get the professional advice they need to access the right funding and support for their individual business.”

Cr Williams said Council would also provide $80,000 to help businesses innovate during the COVID-19 crisis.

“Businesses will be able to apply for funding to the value of $5000 to help them find new ways to deliver their business to the community,” she said.

“This may include the use of technology, research and design or innovative products, services, projects or collaborations.”

Cr Williams said Council was fielding many calls from business owners seeking advice on how to deal with the varied impacts of the unprecedented business environment.

“These business grants will support impacted local businesses to get the targeted professional advice they need,” she said.

“They will also support businesses employing innovative ways to pivot their products and services to capture new opportunities.”

For more information, visit Council’s website or contact Council on 3829 8999.