Turtles on the move after heavy rain

Recent heavy rain has triggered an increase in turtle movements across the Redlands Coast as they look to build a nest to lay eggs.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams has urged motorists to keep watch and slow down if they see turtles moving across roads.

“Our wildlife officers have been receiving calls from concerned residents who have noticed an increase in turtle activity over the past fortnight,” she said.

“It’s normal for some turtles to lay eggs during or after heavy rain and they often travel several hundred metres to find the right spot.

“Their long, slow journey can often take them across roads and I urge motorists to keep an eye out for them.”

Councillor Williams said well-meaning residents should avoid picking up a turtle to try and speed up its journey.

“The best advice is to leave them alone as they make their way to a nesting habitat,” she said.

“The best thing a motorist can do is slow down or if it’s safe to do so, stop until the turtle is off the road.

“Residents walking their dogs should also keep watch for turtles on pathways or in parks and keep their pets as far away as possible.

“Despite their hard shell, turtles can be injured by other animals on their journey, so let’s all work to ensure they get there safely.”

High turtle movements have been reported on Mt Cotton Road near the local primary school and on Moores and German Church roads in Redland Bay.

If you are concerned about the health or welfare of a turtle, call the Redlands Wildlife Rescue Service on 3833 4031.