Recent rain brings out the mozzies

Aerial and ground mosquito treatments are in full swing across Redlands Coast as Council responds to the inevitable influx of mosquitoes brought about by perfect weather conditions for breeding.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said that recent rain, coupled with warm weather, provided ideal breeding conditions for the saltmarsh (Aedes vigilax) mosquito endemic to the area.

“The recent welcome and much needed rain has created elevated mosquito numbers right across South-East Queensland,” Cr Williams said.

“Redlands Coast is particularly hard hit due to our coastal location.

“Council’s Pest Management Team is out in full force doing treatments across our island and mainland communities, recently targeting the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, Redland Bay, Victoria Point, Thornlands and Birkdale.”

Regional Mosquito Management Group Chair and Division 3 Councillor Paul Golle said that in addition to its regular monitoring and eradication program, Council worked collaboratively with Queensland Health and neighbouring councils.

“Recent rain has also seen freshwater breeding sites increase from the additional water lying around,” he said.

“Mosquitos can breed in any tiny amount of fresh water.

“Residents can help reduce mosquito nuisance around the home by removing containers such as empty garden pots, saucers and wheelbarrows where water can pool.

“I also encourage everyone to wear insect repellent and long loose clothing and, where possible, avoid being outdoors around dawn and dusk.”

Visit Council’s mosquitoes webpage for more tips of managing mosquitoes around your home and the list of recent treatments conducted by Council.