UPDATE 5 February 2020 – Les Moore Park, Victoria Point re-opened for swimming

Update as at 5 February 2020

Redland City Council has re-opened the beach at Les Moore Park, Victoria Point for swimming and other recreational water activities.

The beach had been closed for a few days after routine monitoring showed an elevated level of enterococci bacteria, which is often found in waterways in urban areas.

As levels no longer exceed the Healthy Waterways Healthy Waterplay guidelines, there is no public health risk associated with undertaking water based activities at the beach.

However, Council does not recommend contact with the water during and after heavy rainfall.

Routine sampling will continue as part of Council’s recreational water quality monitoring program.

28 January 2020

Redland City Council has temporarily closed the beach at Les Moore Park, Victoria Point for swimming after routine sampling revealed elevated levels of bacteria.

Temporary “no swimming” signs have been erected and ongoing water sampling is being conducted.

While low levels of enterococci bacteria are often found in waterways, particularly after rain and weather events, routine testing has identified elevated levels and Council has made the decision to close the beach in accordance with Healthy Waterways Healthy Waterplay guidelines.

As exposure to enterococci bacteria can lead to mild illness such as stomach upsets or infections, Council is warning against swimming there in the interests of community health.

Once the beach is again suitable for swimming, the temporary signage will be removed and a further notification will be provided. This will be when water testing shows acceptable levels for several consecutive days.