Government investment critical for future Redlands Coast transport improvements

Redland City Council will lobby the State Government to establish a Public Transit Authority and increase investment in State roads after adopting the Redlands Coast Transport Strategy today.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the development of the strategy over the past eighteen months had included substantial stakeholder and community engagement.

“While the Strategy identifies Council led priorities, including trunk infrastructure and travel behaviour priorities, it has again highlighted the State’s influence over critical Redland transport priorities.

“Not surprisingly, the strategy review and engagement identified the priority for investments in the Eastern Busway and Cleveland rail duplication, as well as essential upgrades to the state road network.

“Engagement also showed a disconnect between different public transport modes such as ferries and buses, and in response, we will advocate for the State to establish a Public Transit Authority to oversee all Public Transport operations and investment across the region.

“Recently, I have spoken with several public transport operators who all believe a Public Transit Authority would help coordinate services and investment across the region, delivering better results for passengers.

“Nowhere is the need for this coordination more evident than our city of islands where residents often have to catch multiple modes of transport.

“Nothing is more frustrating than wasting time waiting at a bus stop because the bus timetable doesn’t line up with the ferry, or even worse seeing the bus pull away just as the ferry arrives.

Cr Williams said the transport strategy highlighted a need for increased funding for State roads and public transport in and out of the city.

“While more than 60 per cent of our workers commute out of the city each day, only 14 per cent are willing to do so by public transport, directly reflecting community frustration with poor service frequency, travel time and connectivity.

“Essential state road improvement priorities identified in the review, include Capalaba intersections, Cleveland Redland Bay Road, Finucane Road – Shore Street and Mount Cotton Road – Boundary Road.

“While the Redlands Coast Transport Strategy has highlighted the importance of advocacy for substantial transport network investments by Government, it has also focused on priorities to address transport and travel behaviours at the local level.

“Council is actively working on initiatives including local area transport planning, rideshare, autonomous vehicle trials and modelling changes to parking and our urban landscape connectivity to encourage higher public transport, walkability and cycling use.

“Ultimately though, achieving these Redland Coast Transport priorities requires Queensland Government collaboration and a significant step-up in State investment in our shared transport future.”