Redlands Coast Receives Top Award For Garage Sale Trail

Redland City Council has been rewarded for encouraging residents to be part of last month’s national Garage Sale Trail.

Council has received the Trail’s Outstanding Achievement Award for best overall campaign in the nationwide community event, supported by more than 140 councils around Australia.

Only 10 councils received awards for their work in encouraging and supporting their communities to get involved by either hosting a garage sale or shopping the trail.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams congratulated the Redlands Coast community for supporting Australia’s biggest reuse program.

“The event is powered by local councils and encourages communities to rethink what they throw out and whether it could be used by someone else,” she said.

“It not only encourages people to buy second hand goods but helps educate the community about thinking twice before dumping unwanted items.

“I’d like to thank all those who got behind this year’s Garage Trail Sale to extend the lifespan of goods they no longer need, thus saving precious resources and contributing to a circular economy.”

Garage Sale Trail co-founder Darryl Nichols said Redland City Council received the top award in recognition of its committed and passionate approach .

“There were 118 registered sales held across Redlands Coast and we estimate thousands of kilograms of unwanted goods have been saved from landfill,” he said.

Nationally, Garage Sale Trail 2019 saw over 400,000 Australians getting involved at over 24,000 garage sale events on just one weekend.

To pre-register for the 2020 Garage Sale Trail visit