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Redlands Coast Receives Top Award For Garage Sale Trail

Redland City Council has been rewarded for encouraging residents to be part of last month’s national Garage Sale Trail.

Council has received the Trail’s Outstanding Achievement Award for best overall campaign in the nationwide community event, supported by more than 140 councils around Australia.

Only 10 councils received awards for their work in encouraging and supporting their communities to get involved by either hosting a garage sale or shopping the trail.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams congratulated the Redlands Coast community for supporting Australia’s biggest reuse program.

“The event is powered by local councils and encourages communities to rethink what they throw out and whether it could be used by someone else,” she said.

“It not only encourages people to buy second hand goods but helps educate the community about thinking twice before dumping unwanted items.

“I’d like to thank all those who got behind this year’s Garage Trail Sale to extend the lifespan of goods they no longer need, thus saving precious resources and contributing to a circular economy.”

Garage Sale Trail co-founder Darryl Nichols said Redland City Council received the top award in recognition of its committed and passionate approach .

“There were 118 registered sales held across Redlands Coast and we estimate thousands of kilograms of unwanted goods have been saved from landfill,” he said.

Nationally, Garage Sale Trail 2019 saw over 400,000 Australians getting involved at over 24,000 garage sale events on just one weekend.

To pre-register for the 2020 Garage Sale Trail visit

State of Fire Emergency partially lifted – Fire ban remains in place

While the State of Fire Emergency Declaration has been removed for Redland City Council, the local fire ban continues.

This means there can be no open fires.

QFES advises fires within a properly constructed barbecue are allowed provided they are not left unattended.

Power tools can be used but must be used with extreme care.

For more information on the Redlands Coast Fire Ban Declaration:

Mayor Calls For End To Confusing Vegetation Clearing Laws

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams has called on the Queensland Government to review legislation relating to vegetation clearing for bushfire management, over concerns the current laws are too confusing.

Cr Williams has written to three Queensland Ministers calling for a review of the legislation, which has caused community concern.

“At the moment there is inconsistency about what landholders can and can’t clear due to an overlap between State and Local Government laws,” Cr Williams said.

“For some Councils, clearing for bushfire management is assessed against State Planning regulations, while in others it can be assessed against local planning laws, which is confusing for residents.

“I believe there needs to be a single clear and consistent rule that tells the community how they can protect their property.

“In the Redlands we have addressed this by ensuring our City Plan defers to State regulations for bushfire clearing where possible, but other Councils deal with the issue differently, so some clarity is needed.”

Redland Council wrote to the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning earlier this year requesting reform of laws, after local fires and court decisions relating to vegetation clearing laws, caused confusion about what can and can’t be cleared.

Cr Williams said the State Government performs an important role in ensuring residents are prepared for the impacts of fires and other potential disasters.

“An important part of this is ensuring the community understands how they can prepare their own properties and it’s vital the necessary work be done to give residents clarity.”

“We would also like to see State resources focused on providing advice to residents about how they can manage their properties to reduce fire risks.

“There is confusion and I believe there needs to not only be a clear position but this position also needs to be clearly communicated so the community understand how it applies to them.

“I hope the State Government can act quickly to review current laws and make the necessary changes to provide more clarity.”


Protect your health from bushfire smoke

While there are no fires burning on Redlands Coast air quality is still being affected by smoke haze from fires around the rest of the state. The community is advised to remain alert to the levels of smoke, especially vulnerable people with asthma or pre-existing lung or heart conditions. What can you do:
• Look after vulnerable persons.
• Switch air conditioners to ‘recycle’ or ‘recirculate’ mode.
• Reduce outside activity.
• Seek medical advice if you experience any adverse reactions and stay up to date with local news reports.

For more information:

State of Fire Emergency continues – Redland City is part of a total fire ban until further notice

A State of Fire Emergency declared earlier this month continues across 42 Local Government Areas in Queensland, which bans a range of activities that can cause fires to ignite and prohibits the lighting of specified outdoor fires.

What you cannot do during a State of Fire Emergency:
• No fireworks.
• No hangis or pit ovens permitted.
• No grinding/ welding outdoors.
• No grinding/ welding inside a building with a closed door and concrete floor. Look at your environment and check there’s no long grass or dry vegetation that may catch alight.
• If it’s essential that you run a powered pump, make sure you clear around it and take precautions to ensure that the exhaust doesn’t spark a fire.
• Avoid lawn mowing if your property is dry and highly vegetated until conditions have eased. A spark from a stone could start a fire.
• Gas barbeques with a hooded lid can be used if done so safely, in an appropriate area and only used for the purposes of cooking.
• Woodfires, smokers and pizza ovens can be used if they are completely enclosed and only used for the purposes of cooking.

For more information:

Moreton Bay Cycleway extension opens

This week marked a high point for Redlands Coast cyclists and recreational trail users, with the completion of Stage 1 of a multi-million dollar extension to Moreton Bay Cycleway.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Stage 1 was part of a multi-stage cycleway extension jointly funded by Council and the Queensland Government, due for completion by mid-2020.

“Today’s opening of Stage 1 of the Moreton Bay Cycleway Extension Project sees an additional 850m of pathways and boardwalk added to this much-loved community asset,” Cr Williams said.

“A 3m wide cycleway now links to existing networks at Cameron Court Park and School Road, Victoria Point.

“Section 2 works, providing a link from School Road through Orana Street Park to Lakefield Drive, will start soon and include a further 350m of boardwalk and 360m concrete footpath, or a total extension of 710m.

“Section 3 is the final link of the network and will see an on-road link via Lakefield Drive and we hope to have the entire project completed and open for public use by mid-2020.

“This newly-opened section, and the stages to follow soon, will provide important linkages between existing bike paths and will greatly improve usability, accessibility and overall visitor experience.”

The $1.83 million Moreton Bay Cycleway Section 1 project is funded equally by Council and State through their 2018-19 Cycle Network Local Government Grants Program.

Deputy Mayor and Division 4 Councillor Lance Hewlett said a trip along the newly-completed section of the cycleway offered a great recreational experience.

“We now have a new way for people to enjoy natural assets and connect across our City, with residents and visitors soon being able to pedal from Cleveland to Victoria Point along the Moreton Bay Cycleway,” Cr Hewlett said.

“There are some beautiful vantage points along the way, with the Stage 1 winding through Point Halloran Conservation Area.”

State Member for Redlands Kim Richards said Queensland State Government was delighted to partner with Council on this exciting project.

“We want to see people heading outdoors and enjoying recreational and health benefits, and State Government has been proud to support Council in delivering this cycleway,” Ms Richards said.

“Moreton Bay Cycleway provides high quality and safe cycling infrastructure and this project is an example of what can be achieved through collaboration.”

Mayor Karen Williams, Deputy Mayor and Division 4 Councillor Lance Hewlett and Member for Redlands Kim Richards join community members at stage 1 of the Moreton Bay Cycleway extension

Centre for Women moves into new historic home

Cleveland’s historic Station Master’s Cottage is now home to the Redlands Centre for Women (RCW).

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams officially opened the Centre’s new headquarters at the Cleveland historical precinct last Saturday, after RCW signed a five-year lease to occupy the Council building.

“Council is pleased to have been able to offer RCW more stability after almost three years of uncertainty,” she said.

“The lack of a permanent home over the past year had limited the suite of programs, services and support offered by the RCW.

“The Centre will now be able to extend its service delivery by providing a welcoming women’s hub to enhance social connectiveness.

“The Station Master’s Cottage will host a number of programs, including counselling to support women through challenges, programs to support teenage girls and young mothers and the Redlands Active Women’s Program (RAW) .”

Councillors voted unanimously last year to make the building available for community groups. It was agreed to upgrade the building and invite local community groups to submit proposals to use the building.

Four expressions of interest were received, with RCW being successful.

Division 2 Councillor Peter Mitchell said he was pleased with the new use for the Station Master’s Cottage.

“This cottage is a Cleveland icon and of historic significance to Redlands Coast so I’m pleased it will benefit so much the community to which it belongs,” he said.

“I can’t think of a better use for this building. The RCW have provided wonderful support and services for women and girls for many years.

“We are happy to have played a role in enabling the RCW to provide even more support to women by expanding services from its new hub.”

RCW spokesperson, Sandi Shuttleworth said the new headquarters will enable even more programs to be developed to benefit women on the Redlands Coast.

“After having the centre closed for the past year we have provided our services in ad hoc locations and this has meant we were not able to offer some of our programs,” she said.

“Having the Station Masters Cottage as our new home we have a firm resolve to press on to assist and provide even more services to women in the Redlands in one central location.”

The building was gifted to Redland City Council by Redlands RSL and relocated to the nearby heritage precinct in Linear Park in July 2017.

The building was identified as suitable for community groups, not for profit organisations and/or social enterprise providers to deliver community services while conserving and showcasing Redland Coasts’ cultural heritage.

Security cameras to keep watch on Weinam Creek precinct

A unique agreement across three levels of government will see security cameras installed at the Weinam Creek marina precinct in Redland Bay.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said work starting this week on the installation of the security cameras came after funding from the Federal Government and a Memorandum of Understanding with the State Government to monitor footage from the cameras.

“The Weinam Creek marina precinct is used by hundreds of residents every day and the cameras will be a welcomed addition to the car parking area,” Cr Williams said.

“We have seen a number of concerning cases of vandalism at Weinam Creek in recent months, which prompted me to speak with local police and Translink to see how we can work together to make the area safer.

“The result is an MOU between Council, Translink and Queensland Police so any footage caputured by the cameras can be accessed for evidence, helping improve community confidence by cracking down on criminal behaviour.”

(Left to right) Federal Member for Bowman, Andrew Laming; State Member for Redlands, Kim Richards; Redland City Mayor Karen Williams and Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards inspect one of the security cameras onsite at Weinam Creek marina.

Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards said the cameras send a clear message to anyone thinking of doing the wrong thing.

“It’s about putting criminals on the back foot and sending a message that anyone damaging property or carrying out anti-social behaviour will be caught.”

Cr Williams said while community safety remained a matter for the police, Council took a collaborative approach to working with other levels of government to deliver for the community.

“In addition to signing the MOU with the State Government, Council also received a $49,920 grant from the Australian Government’s Safer Communities Fund toward the project,” Cr Williams said.

“Redland City Council thanks the Federal Government for its investment in our City that will give motorists greater confidence when parking vehicles at the marina.”

Federal Member for Bowman, Andrew Laming, said community safety is a priority for the Federal Government.

“The Australian Government is committed to keeping every Australian safe and everyone using this marina precinct should have confidence in knowing their property is also secure,” he said.

“This funding shows the Federal Government is delivering on its commitment and I am pleased to be able to work with Council to deliver these much-needed cameras.”

State Member for Redlands, Kim Richards said vision captured by the cameras will be shared with Queensland Police to assist with police investigations.

“While security cameras will help deter crime and help Police track down offenders, it is important that people continue to be vigilant in preventing opportunistic crime and to also report crime to Police for investigation,” she said.

“I am pleased the Queensland Police and TMR are able to be part of this initiative which shows what can be achieved when we work together.”

Redland City Council Annual Report tells of positive performance

Redland City Council today endorsed its Annual Report 2018 – 2019, highlighting positive financial and operational results and Council’s significant activities for the year.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the report showed Council’s continued financial sustainability and also outlined where the money goes, with a 100 per cent delivery of its Operational Plan 2018 – 2019.

“Each year, our Operational Plan sets significant activities to help us achieve our community commitments outlined in the Corporate Plan 2018 – 2023,” Cr Williams said.

“Today Council proudly presented an Annual Report that showed delivery of all 70 significant activities across our eight Vision Outcomes.

““Our Community Financial Report and externally-audited Consolidated Financial Statements present good news, with our current position providing stability for long-term financial strategies and meeting our future obligations.

Mayor Williams said the report also shared some business innovations that had resulted in significant operational cost savings in the 2018 – 2019 financial year.

“It is important that the Redlands Coast community has confidence in our performance in managing an asset portfolio with a replacement value of $3.7 billion on their behalf.

“Continuous improvement can be seen in action through Business Transformation Program case studies, with an additional $2 million of infrastructure delivered on top of our budgeted commitments.

“The annual report also includes some of the challenges faced in 2018 – 2019, to give our stakeholders and customers an understanding of current regional and local issues that impact Redlands Coast.

“There are also detailed sections providing transparency in reporting of our governance mechanisms and statutory disclosures.”

View the Redland City Council Annual Report 2018 – 2019 

Financial Hardship Policy adopted by Council

Redland City Council will work with residents struggling to pay their rates and charges after Council today voted to adopt a new Financial Hardship Policy.

Redland Mayor Karen Williams said the policy ensures debt collection practises are sensitive to a ratepayers’ financial situation.

“We know that some ratepayers experience difficulty in paying rates or charges and we aim to work with them in seeking a solution that suits everyone,” she said.

“The cost of living is increasing for many residents and while Council can’t control the big costs such as electricity, we can ensure we have the processes in place to work with residents who are doing it tough.

“The new policy allows Council officers to provide advice about finding financial counselling and new flexible payment options such as Centrepay, for those receiving Government benefits.”

The policy complements Council’s current position to support those suffering financial hardship as permitted under the South East Queensland Customer Water and Wastewater Code.

Cr Williams said the timely recovery of rates and charges is essential to ensure funding of Council services and capital work projects.

“Our aim is to continue to work compassionately with ratepayers who are suffering genuine financial hardship to recover outstanding rates and charges,” she said.

“Council will do all it can to assist those who reach out and need assistance.”

To access the Financial Hardship Policy go to Council’s website at