Council powers on towards green energy solutions

A local green hydrogen economy on Redlands Coast is one step closer following a gathering of experts in Cleveland this week.

Mayor Karen Williams said Council facilitated the roundtable of scientists, government researchers and representatives from private enterprise at the State Government’s Redlands Research Centre in Cleveland on Thursday, 21 November.

“Council brought this group of people together to look at the local benefits of green hydrogen across business, industry and community,” she said.

“Redlands Coast is in the enviable position of having Queensland University of Technology’s pilot plant already located here, led by  Professor Ian McKinnon, who was also recently appointed to the position of strategic hydrogen advisor for the Queensland Government, so it makes sense to explore local opportunities.

“Green hydrogen is produced through a process that electrifies water with renewable energy to provide a safe, green power solution.

“Council is always seeking innovative ways of saving money while helping both the environment and local economy; and green hydrogen offers great potential for both.”

Cr Williams said green hydrogen technology was already used to power satellite electronics and hydrogen had been used to fuel buses in the London CBD for almost a decade.

“The most immediate use of green hydrogen is an emissions-free mobility solution, and some car and bus manufacturers are delivering hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the Australian market,” she said.

“This clean, safe technology could also ultimately be used to supply renewable energy to electricity grids, power ferries on Moreton Bay and convert waste products into green power.”

Cr Williams said the roundtable at Cleveland helped showcase Council’s interest in this emerging technology.

“The gathering demonstrated how Redlands Coast can help other areas understand the role they could play,” she said.

“Having these experts confirm the importance of developing a local green hydrogen economy provides the confidence that Council’s investigations should continue to progress and will assist in taking the next steps towards activating this green energy solution.”