Keep watch for koalas as temperatures heat up

Redlands Coast residents have been urged to keep a lookout for active koalas who may be seeking an alternative water supply during long spells of hot, dry weather.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said while koalas are known to get most of their hydration from the leaves they eat, it’s not unusual for them to search for water on the ground.

“Although mostly active at night and around dawn and dusk, koalas can be seen moving during the day if they are disturbed, get too hot or cold, or need to find a new tree,” Cr Williams said.

“As summer temperatures heat up, I ask all residents to keep watch for active koalas, especially near roads.”

Cr Williams said anyone who found a koala in distress or injured contact  the Wildlife Rescue Service on  3833 4031 which is  a 24 hours a day service.

“As summer draws nearer koalas are not only susceptible to the heat but they are also in their main breeding season, an important time for the local koala population,” she said.

“Council is committed to doing all we can to support our local koala population, including funding the Wildlife Rescue Service,  and I encourage anyone who comes across a sick or injured koala to contact them.”

To help keep our koalas safe:
• Be alert and adhere to speed limits on the roads at all times, but especially at night.
• Keep yards koala friendly – put ‘scamper ramps’ in place to help koalas get up and over fences and out of swimming pools.
• Keep pets restrained or inside at night.
• Keep dogs on their leashes outside designated dog off-leash areas.
• Record all your Koala sightings on The Atlas of Living Australia available 24/7.

For more information about Council’s Koala Conservation Action Plan visit Council’s website.