Testing of meat returns negative poison result but more meat found

Scientific testing of meat found near an Alexandra Hills dog park and a park in Wellington Point last month have both returned a negative response to poison.

However, meat was also found late last week on the footpath of a Victoria Point street.

Council has sent the meat found in Victoria Point to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for testing, and the results may take up to eight weeks to be returned.

Mayor Karen Williams said while it was good news that the meat already tested was found not to have contained poison, residents should remain alert and not be complacent about the safety of their pets.

“It is unclear whether finding the meat at Alexandra Hills and Wellington Point was just a coincidence or if someone left the meat as a sick joke following the recent spate of fatal poisoning of dogs at inner Brisbane parks,” she said.

“Now a third amount of potentially baited meat has been found in our community.

“Baiting is a despicable crime that can be extremely distressing to pet owners.

“There is also the sickening possibility of a child picking up a bait.

“As a community, we need to be vigilant and do whatever we can to guard against such incidents.”

Cr Williams said Council had deployed all available resources at local parks, including cameras, increased patrols and installed signage in response to the potential dog baiting incidents.

“Council will do everything possible to ensure the safety of people and their pets, as well as native wildlife,” Cr Williams said.

“The thought of anyone intentionally trying to harm local pets is deplorable and I urge residents around dog parks and reserves to report any suspicious activity.”