Council adopts erosion plan for Amity Point

Redland City Council has endorsed the Amity Point Shoreline Erosion Management Plan (SEMP), outlining its strategy to manage and respond to current and future erosion issues.

Redland City Mayor and Chair of Redland City Coastal Adaptation Strategy Steering Committee Karen Williams said the formal adoption of the Amity SEMP followed significant research and consultation with key stakeholders.

“Amity is a declared erosion prone area under the Coastal Protection and Management Act 1995, and has a long history of significant erosion resulting in loss of property and assets,” Cr Williams said.

“People are drawn to this popular coastal destination, but there is an ongoing battle with the forces of nature.

“The Amity Point SEMP gives clarity around the complex causes of shoreline erosion and provides management options and recommendations.

“In developing the plan, Council established a project-specific Community Reference Group including the divisional councillor, affected property owners, local residents and community groups.

“The SEMP outlines approaches to three coastal areas of Amity – the southern, central and northern reaches – and is a medium-term management plan.

“It makes recommendations regarding physical works such as beach nourishment and supporting the existing sea wall, as well as areas where further technical studies are required.”

Division 2 Councillor Peter Mitchell said the endorsement of the SEMP would be followed by the development of an implementation plan.

“The SEMP makes recommendations regarding shoreline erosion management at Amity, but does not specifically address issues such as costs, land tenure, access and rock supply,” Cr Mitchell said.

“The SEMP gives us a clearer idea of works that may address erosion issues, and will inform the implementation plan in addressing how this could be done.”

Mayor Williams thanked the Community Reference Group members for their commitment and for dedicating their time to the development of the Amity SEMP.

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