Redlands Animal Shelter continues to evolve

Redlands Animal Shelter has established an internal onsite veterinary service at its Thornlands-based facility in a bid to further streamline its animal adoption program.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said that as the vet service would not be available to the general public, it wouldn’t compete with local vets.

“Its purpose will be to support the shelter’s internal services,” she said.

“Council had been rehoming animals through the shelter since May 2015, with 320 dogs and puppies and 613 cats and kittens finding their forever homes since the program commenced.

“The facilities and services based at Redlands Animal Shelter continue to evolve to support this very important community service.

“Of course shelter officers do all they can to reunite pets that come into the shelter with their owners.

“But where that is not possible, Council has a duty of care to ensure animals have a reasonable chance at finding another home and a good quality of life while at the shelter.

“Animals at the shelter will benefit from the new one-day-per-week onsite vet service as they won’t need to be transported for the routine checks, vaccinations and desexing needed to prepare them for adoption.

“It will be less stressful for the animals and less time consuming for staff, making the process more efficient.

“A purpose-designed building was added to the shelter site in August 2016 to meet the needs of the adoption program.

“It included extra rooms for behavior assessments, an internal cat room and a retail area – creating a more inviting space for the public to visit and select a new family member.

“In 2017 we added a large external cat enclosure, allowing cats to free-range in a contained environment, safe for them and wildlife.

“Dog enclosures are currently getting a facelift, with the addition of raised sleeping platforms, more colour and vegetation.

“This will be a more stimulating and pleasant home for our dogs until they find their forever homes.”

Drop into the shelter at 264 South Street, Thornlands during opening hours to meet the cats and dogs currently available for adoption.

New shelter residents can also be viewed at