Major coup for Redlands Coast Dîner en Rouge

One of Australia’s most powerful speakers on the tragedy of family and domestic violence, award-winning author Rebecca Poulson, will be the keynote speaker at May’s Dîner en Rouge fundraiser.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Poulson’s story was one of shocking violence, tragedy and grief but also one of hope.

“Rebecca is a real inspiration to those affected by domestic and family violence and anyone who is committed to stopping it needs to hear about her extraordinary experiences, how she coped with them and how she is now influencing change,” Cr Williams said.

“Diner en Rouge is always a fun event but as a fundraiser for services to help those affected by family and domestic violence, it also informs and educates people about this awful problem.

“No one can do that better than Rebecca.”

Poulson, an ambassador of Our Watch and White Ribbon Australia and author of the award winning book Killing Love, was celebrating her 33rd birthday when her father, niece and nephew were murdered by her brother-in-law – the father of the children.

No stranger to shocking grief, she had already suffered the suicide of her brother and had survived an attempt on her life during a violent relationship.

Cr Williams said Poulson now spoke about her experiences as a survivor of domestic violence to raise public awareness and to advocate for social change.

“She is influencing the attitude of others, including governments, on the need for more support services, particularly the policing and legal procedures needed to better protect and support those at threat of violence,” Cr Williams said.

“More than that, Rebecca is a real inspiration to people facing challenges in their lives.”

Cr Williams said this year’s Dîner en Rouge, to be held at a secret location on Saturday 18 May, would raise funds to help make life a little easier for women and children who find themselves homeless through no fault of their own, as well as expanding the work of the Maybanke Accommodation and Crisis Support Service.

“Redlands Coast now has a major commitment to crisis accommodation and support from the State Government and there is no doubt that the generosity of Redlanders through fundraisers such as Dîner en Rouge was a major catalyst for this,” Cr Williams said.

“We have raised almost $260,000 so far but the scourge of family and domestic violence is relentless and so much more needs to be done to ensure we can provide the services that are so desperately needed.”

Tickets to the sumptuous banquet, which has a red and white theme (red is for Redlands Coast and white is to acknowledge the national campaign to stop violence against women) are now available from the Redland Performing Arts Centre box office at or by calling 3829 8131. Tickets are $175 each or $1700 for 10.

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Award-winning author Rebecca Poulson will share her story of tragedy and hope at the Dîner en Rouge fundraiser in May.