Dead fig tree scheduled for removal

Redland City Council will remove a dead tree in Fig Tree Place, Ormiston after losing a long battle to save it.

The tree had been closely monitored over several years but remediation treatments to rejuvenate its health unfortunately were unsuccessful.

Council’s decision to remove it and replace it with another tree was validated by a report from a private consulting arborist, which showed it had suffered from severe fungal disease.

The fig tree has since been reduced in size within a fenced off area so that it poses no immediate risk to the public.

Future replanting options will be negotiated with the community.

A Council-approved arboricultural contractor is due to begin removing the fig tree, which is within the fenced area aside Wellington Street, Ormiston today, 8 April, with the process likely to take up to five days.

Council has an obligation to put public safety foremost when considering whether any tree should be removed.