New sculpture set to ‘rays’ the bar in Wellington Point Streetscape upgrade

The streetscape beautification of Wellington Point (Cullen-Cullen) has hit another high, with a spectacular sculptural installation now adorning the roundabout at the intersection of Birkdale and Main roads.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the sculpture – by prominent Queensland public artist Braham Stevens – was modelled on the dynamic and captivating Eagle Rays that gracefully drift through the Moreton Bay waters.

“DRIFT – Sand, Sea and Sky is the first major work of public art to be installed under Council’s public art framework adopted last year, followed closely by the 2018/19 Public Art Commissioning Program,” Cr Williams said.

“Public art says a lot about a community and Council’s formal framework came at a perfect time, as we embraced our new Redlands Coast identity.”

Councillor for Division 1 Wendy Boglary said the artwork was commissioned to announce arrival at Wellington Point and add to the community energy and vibrancy of the village.

“It is the latest addition in the ongoing upgrade of Wellington Point streetscape, joining Dougie the Dugong and the pelicans in capturing the essence of the bayside location,” Cr Boglary said.

“Locals and visitors have long loved Wellington Point for its naturally wonderful wetlands and foreshore access to the bay.

“With bathing, boating and bird watching on offer, it is fitting that the streetscape increasingly reflects these attractions.

“There has been a lot of work in the area over the past year, particularly at the Village Green, to enhance the village’s charm and build on its reputation as a delightful place to visit during the day or at night for a unique dining experience.

“This sculpture is based on local aspects of our area – sand formation from the walk to King Island, vast blue skies from Geoff Skinner Wetlands and of course the turquoise waters of Moreton Bay.

“DRIFT has been designed with our valued environment incorporated. It is an example of art in practise – growing our local economy by attracting visitors,” Cr Boglary said.