Council lifts prohibition on dogs at Cleveland Markets

Dog owners will be able to take their furry friends to Cleveland Markets after Council today voted to amend its Local Law 2, Register of Animals in Public Places, removing the prohibition on dogs in Bloomfield Street between Queen Street and Middle Street, Cleveland from 6am to 4pm on Sundays.

The amendment follows a four week community consultation conducted via surveys online and at Cleveland Markets.

Mayor Karen Williams said Council had decided to consult with the community after public debate arose over the prohibition on dogs at the markets.

“The prohibition on dogs at the markets had been in place for more than 20 years,” she said.

“Due to community debate about the matter, I thought the best course of action was to ask the community, through formal, public consultation, what they wanted.

“The outcome was clear, with 81 per cent of the 988 respondents indicating they wanted dogs to be permitted at the markets.”

Councillor for Cleveland (Division 2) Peter Mitchell welcomed the decision and urged people taking their dogs to the markets to be responsible pet owners.

“While it is good to see the prohibition lifted, dog ownership and taking dogs into public areas comes with responsibilities,” he said.

“This includes keeping dogs on leashes, ensuring they are not a nuisance or a danger to others, and cleaning up after them.”

Cr Williams said Council had also added the following dog off-leash areas to the Local Law 2, Register of Animals in Public Places:

  • Eprapah Creek Corridor, Victoria Point
  • Beachwood Street Park, Redland Bay
  • Gundagai Drive Park, Capalaba
  • Freshwater Street Park, Thornlands